The Force 2000 electric pressure washer

Powerhouse International-TheForce2000 washer
Powerhouse International introduced this electric pressure washer, The Force 2000, in the fall of 2014. Since then, the unit did nothing but to constantly grow in popularity. Those who surf the web searching for an option in this category, may not know much about the manufacturer. And still, the number of positive reviews that The Force 2000 enjoys makes them stop for a while.

We also kept getting signals from our readers, who want to know more about this catchy electric pressure washer. It looks good, it makes some bold promises, and it doesn’t have the kind of price that makes you skeptical. We did the research for you, so, here is what we were able to find out:

Review Score
  • 71%
    Pressure (PSI) - 71%
  • 74%
    Flow Rate (GPM) - 74%
  • 75%
    Power - 75%
  • 78%
    Brand - 78%
  • 84%
    Customers Reviews - 84%


The Force 2000 pressure washer is easy to store and handle and has decent PSI and GPM.

The Force 2000 engine

The main technical data from the user manual of The Force 2000 indicate a pretty straightforward unit. With an engine set for 13A and 120V/60HZ, this electric pressure washer has an Initial Power Burst of 3000 PSI. Nevertheless, its rated pressure is 1800 PSI and the maximum pressure in use is 2000 PSI. The pressure is coupled with a 1.6 GPM flow and the entire system enjoys several protection measures.

The unit is powered through a cord with GFCI protection. And the motor itself was designed with an auto overheat sensor. Whenever it gets too hot, The Force 2000 will shut down and stay blocked until it reaches a safe temperature. In addition to this sensor, the motor won’t engage until the trigger gun is depressed. Both features are obviously designed to prolong the motor life, something that many potential buyers are interested in. Now, let’s see what else it has to offer…

Other features of The Force 2000

The highly-praised Total Stop System and the brush motor with thermal sensor are just two essentials of The Force 2000. Everywhere online where you look for it, you’ll be able to notice several important accessories, all attached to the unit:

  • A spinning patio cleaner;
  • An adjustable nozzle that allows you to control the spray pattern from wide fan to pencil point;
  • A second nozzle, a turbo model designed to remove dirt and debris from numerous different surfaces;
  • A small, adjustable external soap dispenser.

The Force 2000 design features

This electric pressure washer has a vertical design and measures 33 x 11 x 12 inches. The outer case is made of plastic and the entire unit weighs 23.8 pounds. The hose measures 20 feet and the power cord has a generous 35-feet length.
The Force 2000 package will contain, aside from The Force 2000 pressure washer:

  • The high-pressure hose that comes directly attached to the reel;
  • The trigger gun – lance system;
  • A small, transparent soap foam sprayer;
  • The proprietary model patio cleaner;
  • The two nozzles – for turbo and general use;
  • Two storage hooks that will get on the unit;
  • One wrench;
  • A bag with the user’s manual, a special cleaning needle for the nozzles, and an extra washer.

You’ll notice that this electric pressure washer features:

  • A series of self-storing accessories to facilitate organized storage. All the accessories can stay on the vehicle while you transport it from one site to another. The cord is the only one that doesn’t have a built-in storage. For this reason, it will require you to wrap it up and secure it every time.
  • On/Off nozzles that are easy to attach or to remove. You press a tab and push to attach them and you press the tab and they pop off.
  • A built-in hose reel, with a quick connect system and foldable hand crank. It should easily keep the hose from tangling when not in use.
  • An exterior soap/ foam bottle that allows you to adjust the amount of soap dispensed. It takes as little as a quick twist to make the adjustments. Also, it has a system at the top that lets you clip it to the end of the trigger gun, just like you do with the nozzles.

The assembly of The Force 2000 will take the following steps:

  1. Mount the storage hooks
  2. Connect the high-pressure hose
  3. Attach the trigger gun
  4. Attach the lance
  5. Add the nozzle
  6. Connect the garden hose
  7. Plug in the power cord

Ease of use and noise

The Force 2000 is easy to put together, without a doubt. With all its special storage spaces, it makes any cleaning job less complicated. And the fact that it doesn’t have different angle nozzles can also make it easier. The main nozzle can be adjusted to use a different pattern depending on the nature of the cleaning chore.

As an electric pressure washer, it is less noisy. The noise level is also attenuated by the On / Off system of the trigger gun.

The Force 2000 customer reviews

As mentioned before, The Force 2000 enjoys raving positive reviews. Among the most often mentioned praises, we’ve encountered the following observations:

  • It provides great power for an electric pressure washer;
  • This washer truly works as described;
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry wherever you want to store it;
  • It is compact, so it takes a small storage space.

Of course, after so many years on the market, The Force 2000 had its share of negative reviews as well. Nevertheless, the single notable drawback mentioned is a design flaw. As it turns out, the combo of a lightweight unit with a hose real placed on top – not a winning choice… It makes it tip over and tempts you to place it on horizontal, which the manufacturer says you should avoid!

The fix, for this generally acknowledged problem, is to keep the unit away from where you’re spraying. And to always keep the hose uncurled all the way. It will not just give you more freedom of movement, but also take off the weight from the top.

Pros and cons of this electric pressure washer

On our way to a final conclusion regarding The Force 2000, we can’t help but underline the following positive features:

  • Convenient to use, because you don’t have to adjust any tip or to manually handle the soap;
  • Easy to handle, thanks to the special onboard storage elements for all the accessories;
  • Safe to use, with its special TSS system, overheat sensor for the motor, and the GFCI plug;
  • Reliable, as it complies with all the CE, GS, ROHS and EMC standards;
  • With a versatile soap dispenser – thanks to the external placement it can be easily cleaned, avoiding any washer clog over time, like internal dispensers do;
  • Comes with a decent price for its class.

Of course, this electric pressure washer isn’t flawless, so, on the negative side:

  • It has no angle nozzles;
  • The Force 2000 uses proprietary parts – spray nozzles, pressure washer fittings etc., preventing you from buying extras from somewhere else;
  • It doesn’t pump standing water;
  • The warranty could have been more generous.

The Force 2000 warranty terms

We just mentioned it, the warranty of this Powerhouse International electric pressure washer isn’t impressive. But despite the fact that The Force 2000 has only 1-year warranty, the first 30 days are fully covered. Whether you’re unfortunate enough to get it damaged from the shipment or you encounter any problems, you can return it. Without too many explanations and without having to pay for its transport, you will ship it back. The manufacturer will either replace it or issue you a complete refund.

For the remaining 11 months, the unit will have a parts & labor free repair warranty. Shipping costs, to and from, however, will be covered by the owner. The policy is neither transferable nor assignable.

All these terms will apply exclusively within the 48 continental United States. Purchasing or shipping this pressure washer outside of these states will void the warranty!


The Force 2000 needs nothing more than our firm recommendation. It is one of the most competitive choices of an electric pressure washer from the market. And even though Powerhouse International doesn’t usually pass as the top-rated choice among the buyers of outdoor tools…This particular model has nailed it. Expect it to work wonders with its PSI and GPM, with stains and dirt of medium difficulty. Keep in mind the general limitations of electric models, decide if this is what you need, and you won’t be disappointed!

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