Stanley SLP2050 vs Powerhouse International The Force 2000

Stanley SLP2050 vs The Force 2000
On such a competitive market, the quest to find the best electric pressure washer never ends. New products enter the competition, claiming to take the title from older, more reputable units. The history of the brand may have a certain contribution, yet it doesn’t always ensure the superiority of a product. Take, for instance, the two washers that we have selected for this comparative review: Stanley SLP2050 and The Force 2000.

There’s no secret that the Stanley company has been on the market for the past 170 years. The Powerhouse International company, however, the one behind The Force model, is not nearly as popular. Does this have to mean that its product will lose the competition Stanley SLP2050 vs The Force 2000? We’ll have to take a closer look. If we start from the reputation on the market, things are a bit different than expected…

Engine and power

Pounds per Square Inch and Gallons per Minute, that’s what you’re after when selecting an electric pressure washer, right? From this perspective, Stanley SLP2050 offers 2050 PSI and 1.4 GPM. The Force 2000, on the other hand, boasts 2000 PSI and 1.6 GPM. Not as a determinant as you were expecting? Then we’ll keep these numbers in mind and proceed to all the other technical features.

Stanley SLP2050 has:

  • A universal motor actionable through a push button power switch;
  • A tri-axial Annovi Reverberi pressure washer pump;
  • Five interchangeable nozzles: 0°, 15°, 25°, Soap & Rotary;
  • Adjustable wand, again, with interchangeable design;
  • A soft and flexible 25-foot vinyl hose;
  • A 28oz soap dispenser tank;
  • Professional, grade brass connectors for the garden hose;
  • Leak-proof connectors;
  • 41 times more pressure compared to the standard garden hose;
  • 80% extra efficiency in terms of water intake compared to a standard 7 GPM garden hose.

The Force 2000 has:

  • The same universal motor set to work at 13A respectively 120V/60HZ;
  • A regular, no-branded pump;
  • GFCI protection, just like the SLP2050 model;
  • A special overheat sensor that shuts off the engine whenever a certain temperature is exceeded;
  • Engine protection that blocks it until you depress the trigger gun;
  • Total Stop System and brush motor, again, with thermal sensor;
  • A series of extra, proprietary accessories: a spinning patio cleaner, an adjustable nozzle from wide fan to pencil, a separate turbo nozzle, and an external soap dispenser.

From a distance, it looked as if the Stanley electric pressure washer was more interesting, with the Annovi Reverberi pump. But the series of protection measures and the custom cleaning accessories that come with The Force 2000 electric pressure washer… It kind of makes you think about it a little bit more, so, why don’t you think in terms of design?


One look at these two models makes it obvious that they belong to different categories. The first one has a bulkier format with a lower center of gravity. It also has a mobile cart, easily detachable, that can take up some extra space. The Force 2000, on the other hand, is built on vertical, with a much taller format and a higher center of gravity. It also comes with a lot more accessories, all of them attached to the unit. It certainly looks more compact, but is this enough to make it the better option?

Summing up the design elements of each electric pressure washer, we’ll have to notice that…

The Stanley SLP2050 features:

  • An outer case of 17.2 x 16.38 x 24.41 inches;
  • Weighs 36 pounds;
  • Sits on 6-inch rugged wheels;
  • It is powered by a 35-foot power cord with GFIC plug;
  • Has a 25-foot hose;
  • Has a foldable handle;
  • Comes with an onboard, static cord and hose storage.

The Force 2000 electric pressure washer features:

  • A plastic outer case of 33 x 11 x 12 inches;
  • Weighs 23.8 pounds;
  • Has the same 35-foot power cord with GFIC protection;
  • Has a 20-foot high-pressure hose and a lance trigger gun;
  • A proprietary patio cleaner;
  • Two hooks and one wrench for the storage of the accessories.

This short design analysis has only brought another conundrum to our Stanley SLP2050 vs The Force 2000 analysis. Should you choose a unit that is smaller and heavier or taller but lighter? With five different nozzles to select from or just one adjustable nozzle and an extra turbo option? Let’s talk effectiveness and we’ll see after that…


Without a doubt, the Stanley manufacturer makes some bold claims. For an electric pressure washer, 41 times more pressure and 80% less water really is something. But The Force 2000 unit, while not bragging with such features, still has a comparable PSI and extra GPM. With the added proprietary patio cleaner and the extra safety features that extended the engine life… It would look as if the Powerhouse International model can stand the test of time while being more effective!

Advantages and Disadvantages

Before we speak the obvious on the best electric pressure washer, let’s revise the pros and cons.

With the Stanley SLP2050, you will benefit from:

  • A slightly higher PSI;
  • A reliable Annovi Reverberi tri-axial pressure washer pump;
  • 5 different, interchangeable nozzles;
  • A smaller electric pressure washer with a more stable design than the one of The Force 2000;
  • Increased flexibility provided by the mobile cart;
  • Adjustable wand length;
  • Water use efficiency;
  • GFIC protection;
  • Special detergent tank;
  • 2-year warranty, the 1 year being a complete, bumper to bumper warranty that covers everything;
  • Brand popularity.

The “problems” of the Stanley SLP2050, as already seen, are:

  • Lower GPM, compared to The Force 2000;
  • A bulkier and heavier design;
  • The lack of a foldable handle;
  • The spicy price tag that comes with it;
  • The fact that it seems to be less popular, enjoying considerably fewer reviews so far.

With The Force 2000 electric pressure washer, you will enjoy:

  • A comparable PSI with the one of the Stanley SLP2050, only 50 PSI less;
  • A visibly higher GPM –6 compared to only 1.4 GPM;
  • A lighter design – with its 23.8 pounds, The Force 2000 is actually 12 pounds lighter;
  • A design that allows attaching all the parts and the accessories to the unit;
  • A proprietary model spinning patio cleaner;
  • An exterior soap bottle, which is easier to clean, refill, maintain;
  • A popular TSS system and other protection measures;
  • A welcomed, more affordable price.

The “catch”, however, is that The Force 2000:

  • Is harder to maintain in a standing position, due to the taller format that makes it tip over;
  • Lacks the interchangeable nozzles, having only just two options – turbo and general;
  • Its proprietary parts may be more difficult to find and change at times;
  • It has a shorter high-pressure hose of only 20-foot instead of 25-foot as the Stanley SLP2050;
  • And it offers only a 1-year warranty, within the 48 continental States alone.


We’ve come to the part where we need to be up front about this electric pressure washer comparison. The Stanley SLP2050 vs The Force 2000 review makes for a tough choice because… With the Stanley electric pressure washer, you get a more stable design. You also have a wider range of quick connect tips, that make room for increased precision. And the 2-year warranty is hard to ignore as well. At the same time, the model is considerably pricier and less popular on the market, at least for the time being.

On the other hand, The Force 2000 has only one or two main problems. The first one is that it is less stable, the only important complaint we got from our readers. Still, it’s well-known that it only takes completely unwinding the hose and cord to make it stand without problems while operating. As for the second issue, it’s the shorter warranty. Consider everything else, starting from the price and ending with the feedback of its users. Add all the protection measures and the proprietary design with cool features and everything else above mentioned. Then, it becomes obvious that The Force 2000 is the rightful winner of this comparative review with Stanley SLP2050!