Stanley SLP2050 electric pressure washer review

Stanley SLP2050 electric pressure washer
Your efforts of finding an accessible electric pressure washer are incomplete if you haven’t considered this Stanley SLP2050 so far. The Stanley name alone speaks for the quality of this outdoor equipment, and it’s been doing so for more than 170 years. The model that we chose to review today is the latest in a series of five units. The manufacturer released 4 SHP models with gradually increased PSI from 1600 to 2150. And now came the fifth, an SLP model with a maximum pressure of 2050 PSI.

One might argue that this model makes a step backward by giving up on 100 PSI. But once you get to look at the overall design, you might decide not to care about this aspect. It is, after all, at the border between light-duty and medium-duty models. And for an electric washer, it’s not bad. So, let’s move on to the actual review.

Review Score
  • 72%
    Pressure (PSI) - 72%
  • 71%
    Flow Rate (GPM) - 71%
  • 75%
    Power - 75%
  • 80%
    Brand - 80%
  • 98%
    Customers Reviews - 98%


Stanley SLP2050 its an easy to use power washer with plenty of features

Stanley SLP2050 engine

This Stanley SLP2050 model is powered by a universal motor. Without being backed up by a branded engine, it boasts performances within the normal ranges for any electric pressure washer. This means a maximum pressure of 2,050 PSI and a flow of 1.4 GPM. The unit features a push button power switch, which is highly appreciated. And, as expected, it delivers this kind of performance thanks to the combination with a reliable pump.

All in all, with the help of a Stanley SLP2050, one should easily handle all kinds of chores around the house. From regular dirt and mold to mildew and grime, the combined pressure and flow will get the work done. But still, what’s an engine without all the other technical details that make the difference?

Other features of Stanley SLP2050

From all the technicalities that a buyer might want to research, the pump comes right after the engine configuration. More often than not, a good engine without a just as good pump won’t make the difference. That is why, with this washer, if the universal motor doesn’t say much, the pump does. It’s a tri-axial pressure washer pump that carries the label of the famous manufacturer Annovi Reverberi. This axial model is a common choice with any electric pressure washer that has under 3500 PSI. And it has the advantage that it is small, compact, and light. All these contribute to a light unit as a whole, which is often encouraged.

To soak up the water and disperse it within its optimal PSI and GPM, the Stanley SLP2050 unit carries a 25-foot hose. It’s a soft, flexible hose made of vinyl, that connects the unit with the spray gun. It is designed as a high-pressure model with a 0.25-inch diameter. And at the end of the hose, one can fit any of the nozzles that come with it: 0°, 15°, 25°, Soap & Rotary. For the soap nozzle, a soap dispenser tank of 28oz is included in the package.

This model also features leak-proof connections, the professional grade brass garden hose connectors and the 22 mm models. According to the manufacturer, it handles 41 times the pressure of a garden hose. As for the water consumption, it saves 80% of the water intake that a 7 GPM garden hose would require!

To sum up, the main technical features of this Stanley SLP2050 are:

  • Adjustable water pressure;
  • Adjustable wand length with interchangeable design;
  • Controlled detergent or chemical injection;
  • 5 quick connect tips.

Stanley SLP2050 design

From a distance, the Stanley SLP2050 unit may look bulky. But it is actually because it sits on a mobile cart that can be easily detached. The unit alone measures 17.2 x 16.38 x 24.41 inches and weighs 36 pounds. It sits on a pair of heavy duty 6-inch diameter rugged wheels. And it is powered by a 35-foot power cord. Out of the box, all you need are the manufacturer’s simple instructions and knowing how to use a screwdriver. It will be up and running in a few minutes.

The Stanley SLP2050 can be easily attached to the cart and carried around effortlessly. Or it can be used as a standalone electric pressure washer and transported in the back of the yard. While the cart is included in the package, one can also buy the optional wall mount kit. With the latter, the unit can be attached to a wall, for easy and compact storage.

Expect for the unit to feature, aside from this support:

  • GFIC plug;
  • Cord lock;
  • Foldable handle;
  • Onboard cord storage;
  • Detergent tank;
  • O-ring;
  • Hose filter;
  • Hose connectors;
  • Nozzle cleaning tool.

Ease of use and noise

We have already mentioned the majority of the features that make this Stanley SLP2050 a very easy to use tool. But if we are to sum it up, we would have to notice that:

  • It comes with a compact and lightweight design;
  • If offers flexibility in terms of storage and transportation;
  • It is just as easy to pull it on its wheels as it is to carry it with the bare hands;
  • The assembly is very easy to use and the onboard cord storage is very handy;
  • And as an electric pressure washer, it is as quiet as you would expect it to be.

As you’ll notice within the next section, ease of use is on top of the Stanley SLP2050 buyers’ preferences so far.

Stanley SLP2050 customer reviews

The fact that you’ll have a really hard time to find some negative reviews on this product says it all. Our readers have been sending us the same positive signal as we’ve encountered on the web. Stanley SLP2050 is perfect for everyday use and people are excited with the flexible cart. The design is flawless, the power is decent for jobs around the car, the yard, the garage or the pool deck. And the turbo nozzle makes up in the more complicated situations.

From taking it in the yard to bringing it back in the storage room, it’s all easy and predictable. The hose coils neatly, the cord wraps around the top unit, and it all sits tight. If there are people who comment about the Stanley SLP2050’s ability to clean, this happens rarely. And such complaints stand for any other electric pressure washer on the market – there will always be people who want more.

Pros and cons of this electric pressure washer

Before we draw an official conclusion regarding this model, we have to make a summary of our findings. We start, as usually, with the plus side, where we have to mention the following attributes:

  • Simple, intuitive and fast assembly;
  • Flexible and adjustable design;
  • Improved mobility;
  • Efficiency in terms of water use;
  • Decent ability to clean a wide range of surfaces;
  • Enjoys a rich selection of accessories that can make its use even more advantageous;
  • It comes with a reliable warranty, bumper-to-bumper included.

The only downsides that we could find, so far, would generally occur through comparison with other models in this line. The unit is:

  • A bit bulkier than the previous models;
  • Barely reaches the superior limit of light-duty models, close to the medium-duty pressure washers;
  • It is manufactured in China, which, for some buyers, isn’t a very tempting feature.

Stanley SLP2050 warranty terms

According to the information from the official website of StanleyTools, the Stanley SLP2050 warranty is covered by A.A. North America. The original retail consumer will benefit from a limited 2-year warranty, divided into:

  • A 1-year complete warranty, the bumper to bumper type – covers anything from the high-pressure hose and the spray gun to all the accessories;
  • An extra 1-year limited warranty that covers the manufacturer defects alone.

Rental or commercial use of this electric pressure washer will void the warranty. And the same thing happens in the case of consumer applications that don’t respect the owner’s manual instructions.


Somewhere down this Stanley SLP2050 review, we’ve made a remark that must have helped you anticipate this conclusion. So far, this product barely gets a negative review every now and then. All this positive feedback will make you easily label the comments from the “not enough pressure” category as purely subjective. That’s what we did! And looking at the entire above, we have concluded that this is a product that is worth your entire consideration. If you are on the verge of buying an electric pressure washer right now, give this Stanley SLP2050 a good thought. It comes with a 1-year warranty that cover absolutely everything about it! Plus, it really is like the manufacturer says – power clean almost everything!