PowerWasherOn.com privacy policy describes all the informations we collect from our visitors and how we used it.

Standard Information Collection
Standard informations are the informations collected by our web server. Because all the web servers are collecting these informations you should know than when visiting our website some of the informations collected are: IP addresses, timestamps and referring pages, browser details. Beseide these other small informations can be collected by some web servers.
These informations are tracked just for routine administration and maintenance purposes and can’t personallyidentify specific visitors.

Cookies and Web Beacons
Our website is using cookies so sometimes it will store the informations about each visitor for a better display of the content in the future.
Our advertising partners and any other third parties can also use cookies and/or web beacons to track each visit and display their ads based on these informations. This tracking by our third parties is made by their servers and you should check their own privacy policy.

Controlling Your Privacy
You can always disable cookies from your browser settings in case you have any privacy concerns. The best things is to disable cookies only for certain site and not for all of them because sometimes you can have problems when trying to visit those websites.

Special Note About Amazon Affiliates, Google Advertising and other affiliates
In case you see any ads provided by Google, Inc., or any other affiliated companies you should know that your visit may be checked by using cookies.Based on the information they get you’ll see the most useful information for you in those ads. The tracking of your information in this case is the subject of Google or any other affiliates own privacy policy.

Contact Information
In case you have questions or concerns about our privacy policy then feel free to contact us at electrictoothbrush@PowerWasherOn.com.