PowerBoss 20649 vs Simpson PS3228-S

PowerBoss 20649 pressure washer vs Simpson PS3228-S pressure washer
Pressure outputs allow classifying the various pressure washers on the market in four different categories. The PSI makes units fall under the light, medium, heavy, or extra heavy-duty categories. If you’re looking for a medium gas pressure washer, it can be anything from the medium or the heavy lines. Both of them make the middle class, between light (under 2000 PSI) and extra heavy-duty (over 3300 PSI).
Since you’re willing to invest in gas, despite the extra maintenance required, you must aim for some real power. This is why we decided to recommend you a medium gas pressure washer from the heavy-duty class (2900 – 3300 PSI). You know our habit of giving you options to choose from, so we’re not going to simply pinpoint a model.

In today’s comparative review, we will focus on PowerBoss 20649 and Simpson PS3228-S. PowerBoss is actually under the Briggs & Stratton umbrella, a company with over 108 years of tradition. This should say a lot about the quality you can expect in it.  Simpson, however, is a part of the FNA Group and can only brag with about 50 years of experience. Do not jump to conclusions, you will be surprised by the popularity that the latter enjoys!

Engine and power

We already suggested the PowerBoss 20649’s association to Briggs & Stratton. But this aspect alone won’t rule on which is the best medium gas pressure washer. That’s because Simpson PS3228-S, just like its competitive model, features a Honda OHV engine. So, we are looking at two models, from two different manufacturers, with engines from the same reputable manufacturer. Let’s state the facts and then do a small comparison.

PowerBoss 20649 comes with a Honda GC190 OHV that comes with both electric and recoil starter. It works with unleaded 86 octane fuel or higher. And it has:

  • 187 cc displacement
  • 2 HP
  • 3 lb-ft net torque
  • 9 U.S. qts fuel tank
  • 61 US qt oil tank

Ideal for any kind of home-use power equipment, this engine is great for a medium gas pressure washer as well.

Simpson PS3228-S, however, comes with a Honda GX200 OHV engine that features only a recoil starter. It also works with a minimum of unleaded 86 octane fuel. But the main difference is that the manufacturer advertises it for commercial equipment. It has:

  • 196 cc displacement
  • 5 HP
  • 1 lb-ft net torque
  • 3 U.S. qts fuel tank
  • 63 US qt oil tank

The technology incorporated in this medium gas pressure washer is said to generate lower noise. Lower vibration levels, as well as lower emissions, are other extra benefits. All that without having to sacrifice on power output or performance! And as a distinct feature, this engine also has a dedicated oil level indicator.

In terms of engine, Simpson PS3228-S seems to surprisingly take the lead. But we still have to compare the pumps and see the water pressure and flow for each model. Unfortunately, the differences are quite clear on this chapter as well.

The PowerBoss model has a simple, maintenance-free axial cam pump. And it can generate 3100 PSI, 2.5 GPM, and 7750 cleaning units.

The Simpson model has a fancy AAA triplex plunger pump. It comes with ceramic coated pistons and was designed for industrial use. Not to mention that it can generate 3200 PSI, 2.8 GPM, and 8960 cleaning units. For a medium gas pressure washer, it is quite clear which model boasts more power…


From a distance, the units have a relatively similar design: a low base, 10-inch wheels, and a handle bended backwards. The hose, the cord and the wand are stored on the unit. The differences occur, first of all, in terms of dimensions and weight. 62 pounds and 24×22.5×20.5-in for the PowerBoss 20649 and 73 pounds and 25x20x34-in for the Simpson PS3228-S.

Since the design of the best medium gas pressure washer is also important, here’s what else we have discovered:

The PowerBoss 20649 also comes with:

  • Sturdy two-wheel cart
  • Never-go-flat tires
  • Onboard storage for the hose, wand, and the gun
  • Onboard detergent tank of one gallon
  • 25 ft high-pressure hose at 1/4-inch in diameter and coated in PVC
  • Steel spray wand with four pro-style quick connect nozzles (0, 15, 40, soap)

The Simpson PS3228-S, in return, has:

  • Welded steel frame, steel engine plate, and steel axle
  • Pneumatic tires
  • Onboard storage for the hose, wand and spray gun, plus the nozzles
  • Siphon tube for detergent application
  • 25 ft MorFlex high-pressure hose at 5/16-inch in diameter, non-marring, resistant to abrasion and kinking, with twist-on connectors
  • Professional spray gun with safety lock and five quick connect nozzles (0, 15, 25, 40, soap)

Once again, the balance of the most attractive medium gas pressure washer inclines towards the Simpson PS3228-S model.


To keep it simple, Simpson PS3228-S is also the more effective model. Its commercial engine and pump are superior to the ones from the PowerBoss unit. Despite the similar PSI and GPM, one is for commercial use and the other for residential use. Moreover, the AAA pump from the Simpson medium gas pressure washer has a patent-pending PowerBoost technology. It was designed to provide higher pressure at the nozzles, for greater cleaning performances.

Advantages and Disadvantages

To sum up the entire above, each medium gas pressure washer has its visible advantages and a couple of drawbacks.

PowerBoss 20649 positives:

  • Two start types, electric and with recoil
  • A lighter design
  • Smaller dimensions
  • Enhanced maneuverability

PowerBoss 20649 negatives:

  • Less power and effectiveness
  • Only four quick connect nozzles
  • Only 2-year limited consumer and 90-day commercial warranty

While not bad at all for a medium gas pressure washer, compared to the other model, it is less good.

Simpson PS3228-S positives:

  • More powerful and effective
  • A better pump with PowerBoost technology
  • More steel in its construction
  • Five quick connect nozzles
  • More resistant high-pressure hose
  • Oil level indicator
  • A more flexible warranty:
    • 3 year limited commercial warranty for the engine
    • 1 year limited warranty for the pump
    • 10 year limited warranty for the frame

Simpson PS3228-S negatives:

  • A bit heavier and bulkier
  • Lower and sometimes uncomfortable for taller people
  • No electric start, only recoil

Medium gas pressure washer equipped for commercial use, the Simpson model sure has a lot of aces up the sleeve.


Our review, PowerBoss 20649 vs Simpson PS3228-S, for the more efficient medium gas pressure washer, ends differently from how it started. The renown of Briggs & Stratton helps the PowerBoss 20649 a lot, but it certainly cannot do it all. Both the technical performances and the design and versatility features are clearly in favor of the Simpson unit.

The residential vs commercial utility also says a lot about these two products, while the warranty terms are quite different. To make it an even obvious choice, Simpson PS3228-S has a slightly lower price. We cannot help but officially declaring it the most recommended medium gas pressure washer in this comparison.

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