Greenworks GPW1501 pressure washer review

Greenworks GPW1501 electric pressure washer
The Greenworks GPW1501 model is a part of the Greenworks line of tools, as a corded-electric pressure washer. Meant to provide powerful and dependable, all-electric operation, this clean running alternative to gas-powered units is compact and lightweight. It is also powerful enough for the most average house chores and it benefits from the PMWA certification.

In case you were wondering, the PMWA stamp from the Greenworks GPW1501 comes from the Pressure Washer Manufacturers’ Association. What this certification means is that the manufacturer is a PWMA member and all its products follow those standards. Through this program, all the GreenWorks products, this corded-electric pressure washer included, are independently verified by a third-party. This third-party control guarantees that the technical values – maximum pressure and water flow – can be actually be achieved with the everyday use.

Speaking of which, are you curious to know more about the technical and design features of the Greenworks GPW1501?

Pressure Washer Ratings
  • 65%
    Pressure (PSI) - 65%
  • 69%
    Flow Rate (GPM) - 69%
  • 70%
    Power - 70%
  • 85%
    Brand - 85%
  • 82%
    Customers Reviews - 82%


Greenworks GPW1501 is a lightweight pressure washer good for small and medium cleaning jobs

Greenworks GPW1501 engine

The surprisingly small GPW1501 model is powered by a universal motor at 1,500 watts of power. It comes with a 35 feet power cord that benefits from inline GFCI protection will all exterior outlets. And it can easily start with one button push, providing you protection against all kinds of ground fault current hazards. Bear in mind, though, that despite the GFCI protection, the plug will not cover overloads, short circuits or shocks. Other than that, the Greenworks GPW1501 will work at 120V AC voltage, with an amperage of 13Amps.

Other features of Greenworks GPW1501

The features that everyone is looking for when reviewing a corded-electric pressure washer are the ones we have mentioned before… We’re talking about the water pressure and flow, verified and validated by the PMWA at 1500 PSI and 1.2 GPM. That’s a total of 1800 cleaning units, enough to clear moderate grime and dirt, restoring your regular items from the backyard.

The axial pump of this Greenworks GPW1501 can handle a maximum inlet water temperature of 104° F (40° C). And as far as the outlet water is concerned, buyers have two quick connect tips: of 25° and 40°, for a variety of cleaning applications. The same quick connect mechanism is used with the spray gun, while the hose has a threaded connection. It’s a high-pressure hose made of rubber, with 0.25 inches in diameter and 300 inches in length.

As a much-coveted feature of any other corded-electric pressure washer, the Greenworks GPW1501 also has a soap applicator. This one is a classic detergent tank, an easy to attach plastic bottle. You just pour your soap solution in it before spraying it on the cleaning surface.

Greenworks GPW1501 design features

We called it small, but for you to get a better sense of what that means, we should throw in some numbers. This electric unit weighs as little as 18.4 lbs and measures 12 inches in length, 10 inches in width, and 18 inches in height. Putting it together would involve:

  1. Assembling the pressure washer gun;
  2. Connecting the high-pressure hose to the trigger handle;
  3. Inserting the detergent tank;
  4. Connecting the garden hose.

The Greenworks GPW1501 features a hand-carry frame and can be placed vertically or horizontally, for greater stability during use. It also has a handy On/Off switch and a lock-out mechanism for the trigger, to prevent accidental starts. The handle of the trigger was designed with a special gripping surface. When you hold it in your hand, you can control the spray wand easier and fatigue is considerably diminished. Moreover, the high-pressure hose, when not in use, can be rolled and hanged on the top of the machine; there’s a hook-and-loop strap to secure it in place. All these can only speak for how easy and comfortable the Greenworks GPW1501 corded-electric pressure washer can be. If you were curious about the way it sounds…

Ease of use and noise

You already know pretty much everything about the lightweight format, easy to carry around. And you’ve seen the safety and comfort features that come with the Greenworks GPW1501. The only complications that might come when you have to carry it and cover large surfaces would probably related to the cord. Otherwise, it sits well anyway you put it, doesn’t tilt over like other models, and it certainly operates with ease.

The manufacturer rates the noise level of this Greenworks GPW1501 at 88 decibels. We’ve certainly seen and heard many other noisier units. The point is that, as a corded-electric pressure washer, this model will be gentle with your ears. The engine itself doesn’t make any kind of noise as long as the trigger is up. And the pump makes a bearable noise while operating.

Greenworks GPW1501 customer reviews

Everything that we have reviewed so far about the Greenworks GPW1501 had more to do with the details provided by the manufacturer. Yet we wanted to revise how all those promises would match the direct feedback of their buyers, our readers. Here’s what we’ve found in terms of customer reviews…

The Greenworks GPW1501 is easy to put together, light, and compact, just like GreenWorks promised it will be. It is also said to have enough power and it comes at a great price. And those who used GreenWorks in the past were able to confirm that both warranty and customer service are reliable. From unboxing and taking it to your backyard to dealing with any malfunctions that the warranty should cover… Choosing this particular unit really looks like a bargain.

What buyers did mention in terms of potential improvements had more to do with the smooth design. For instance, some say it feels a bit cheap, with occasional complaints that the soap dispenser leaked; or that the hose connector broke. The high-pressure hose could have also been a little longer and one should always pay attention to the garden hose; it really has to be tightly secured. But as mentioned on the plus side, the Greenworks GPW1501 problems can be easily solved through their responsive customer support. And all these complaints target drawbacks that usually come with products at such a small price tag…

Pros and cons of this corded-electric pressure washer

Putting together all of our findings on the Greenworks GPW1501, we can sum it up to the following.


  • It is designed to operate easily, without the hassle of gas units;
  • Implies affordable costs in terms of operation and maintenance;
  • Makes sure you won’t run out of power, thanks to the corded powering mode;
  • It is small, lightweight, easy to carry with one hand;
  • It is stable on both horizontal and vertical placement;
  • Includes an easy-to-handle detergent tank;
  • Maintenance is rather simple and intuitive;
  • The product is vetted by the Pressure Washer Manufacturers’ Association.


  • It comes with only two nozzle tips;
  • The cord will require some practice to avoid getting it tangled as you walk throughout the yard;
  • As a corded-electric pressure washer with only two pressure nozzles, it has somewhat limited cleaning capabilities.

Greenworks GPW1501 warranty terms

From the moment you have purchased a Greenworks GPW1501, you should benefit from a 1-year warranty. This warranty concerns defects in material, workmanship or parts, provided you have used it for personal, residential purposes alone. Of course, showing the proof of purchase is also mandatory before you benefit from any repair under warranty. What won’t be covered, however, involves:

  1. Any part broken due to misuse, improper maintenance, accident, or commercial use
  2. The unit itself, in case it hasn’t been operated or maintained according to the user manual;
  3. Inappropriate routine maintenance, such as not draining the water to avoid freezing damages to the pump or other components;
  4. Normal deterioration that can occur on the outer finish after normal use or exposure.

This special service can be contacted through GreenWork’s toll-free helpline, at 1-888-909-6757 (1-888-90WORKS). Please note that should transportation be required to benefit from the warranty, charges will fall on you.


If it’s not the first time you’re searching for a corded-electric pressure washer, one look will tell you almost everything. The Greenworks GPW1501, as small as it is, was designed for light to mid-duty applications. From cleaning windows and cars to changing the face of your decks and other backyard areas… This small electric unit will work well, providing the expected power as a corded unit. With the right expectations in mind, it will be the right tool for, again, important to underline, light to mid-duty cleaning chores!