Arksen 3000 electric pressure washer

As far as advertising is concerned, the Arksen 3000 corded-electric pressure washer is called the perfect equipment. The manufacturer claims it can pressure wash pretty much anything from general structures to vehicles, with many others in between. Of course, we couldn’t just take all those promises for granted and looked it up. Below, you’ll get to read our most important findings on the Arksen 3000.

Pressure Washer Ratings
  • 72%
    Pressure (PSI) - 72%
  • 72%
    Flow Rate (GPM) - 72%
  • 70%
    Power - 70%
  • 80%
    Brand - 80%
  • 60%
    Customers Reviews - 60%


Arksen 3000 electric pressure washer is easy to use, very well built and has decent power.

Arksen 3000 engine

The power of this corded-electric pressure washer is given by a 14.5-amp, 1800 W motor. Clocked at 120V and 60 Hz, its air-cooled industrial motor supports:

  • Working rated pressure of 2200 PSI;
  • Maximum pressure at the burst of 3000 PSI.

Of course, the Arksen 3000 also benefits from an ETL certification. And it comes with a GFCI-protected power cord. Heavy mildew, insect splats and tree sap, garden gunk or grime, even oil and rust stains – all these should be easily handled, at least in theory. But let’s take a closer look at the big picture…

Other features of the Arksen 3000

This particular corded-electric pressure washer was named Arksen 3000 because it’s supposed to reach a 3000 PSI. But carefully going through the user manual, it became obvious that the 3000 PSI is actually the maximum pressure, at burst. The working rated pressure, as stated above, is of 2200 PSI, which promises moderate strength. In other words, this isn’t the type of professional pressure washer with a PSI of at least 3000, used in commercial settings. The misleading name left aside, we still have to look at the water flow.

When operating, the Arksen 3000 can take up a maximum water inlet temperature of 104o F or 40o C. The maximum water inlet pressure is of 0.7 MPa and the maximum rated flow was measured to 1.76 GPM. We have to admit, this is a more than decent water flow that the unit can handle. And adding the 5, interchangeable, quick-connect nozzles, it’s looking good. All in all, we are talking about:

  • 0º, 15º, 25º, 40º and soap special nozzle;
  • A copper-connected gun hose;
  • A tap adapter that only needs to click in;
  • A safety lock switch designed to shut off the pump for as long as the trigger is not engaged.

The last feature, in particular, should make the Arksen 3000 save more energy while operating. At the same time, it should also contribute to prolonging the life of the pump.

Arksen 3000 design features

Despite being a corded unit, this pressure washer isn’t particularly small, nor lightweight. The washer itself measures 34.5 x 17.5 x 14.5 inches and weighs 31 pounds. The package content will include, aside from it, a spray wand and the interchangeable nozzle adapter, the hose and the instructions manual. Now, even though bulkier than, let’s say, a GreenWorks corded-electric pressure washer, the Arksen 3000 isn’t necessarily more intimidating.

In terms of design and comfort, it certainly shows some encouraging details:

  • It’s is still a compact unit, with an upright but well-balanced design;
  • It sits on large, 8-inch axle mounted wheels, which increases the mobility of the unit;
  • It comes with a dedicated holster, allowing the secure storage of the spray wand;
  • It also has a special holder for the 20-feet electric cord;
  • The flexible hose measures 20 feet, a somewhat standard feature;
  • The spray wand measures 36 inches and features a pistol-style grip, for a more efficient use;
  • The 5 quick-connect nozzles are designed to cover all kinds of uses:
    1. The red one, 0o intense-jet nozzle is the most powerful, with its pencil point jet stream – works for the heavy dirt deposits;
    2. The yellow one, 15o fan-tip nozzle is suitable for intense cleaning chores, mostly on hard surfaces, rust included;
    3. The green one, 25o fan-tip nozzle is meant to clean home sidings, wood and concrete parts from around the house;
    4. The white one, 40o wide-spray-tip nozzle is for more delicate cleaning, especially lawn equipment, glass, cars, patio furniture etc.;
    5. The black one, the soap nozzle works with the lowest pressure, for applying detergent on surfaces before switching to a more suitable pressure.

Ease of use

Dimensions, weight, and the fact that it’s a corded-electric pressure washer can make a potential buyer a bit reluctant. But knowing that you’ll have to push around the Arksen 3000 with its 20-feet electric cord is not everything there is to say. The install indicator diagram showed us that the unit is relatively easy to put together, in 5 reasonable steps. Graphic details are also included in the user manual, though it all comes down to:

  • Checking the inlet strainer and making sure that no debris is caught in there while removing the plugs from the water inlet/outlet;
  • Attaching the gun and the extension nozzle holder to the body of the Arksen 3000;
  • Attaching the cable holder to the side of the unit;
  • Inserting the high-pressure hose;
  • Pulling the tab from the base of the spray gun, to secure the hose.

In a nutshell, it shouldn’t be too complicated to put it together. The compact and ergonomic design will afterward come in handy. While the large handle and the large wheels will let you push it with ease. Even the convenient built-in storage options, for the accessories, will help along the way.

Arksen 3000 customer reviews

This is probably the part where the great picture provided by the manufacturer doesn’t exactly match the reality… As it turns out, there are all-positive reviews and negative reviews about the Arksen 3000 corded-electric pressure washer. Some people just seem to be lucky and swear that it works as expected, meaning great. Whereas others don’t get to enjoy it as much as they would.

After all, it’s still a relatively cheap product and malfunctions are expected on the road… So, aside from the attractive price and the design, some customers are concerned with the overall quality. Reports indicated a burning smell that was associated with a typical smell of plastic equipment. And there were voices mentioning the plastic connections that can feel a bit flimsy. The last observation certainly requires special attention when putting the components together.

Next to these concerns, some buyers noticed it’s difficult to find relevant information on the manufacturer, warranty, distribution channel or parts.  Getting in touch with their customer support hasn’t been reported as a very accessible experience either…

Pros and cons of this corded-electric pressure washer

Now that we’ve seen what customers have to say, a recap might bring up some light on the Arksen 3000.

The pros would include:

  • Compact design, with large and stable wheels that roll easily;
  • Built-in holster for convenient storage of the accessories;
  • 5 handy interchangeable nozzles;
  • Safety lock switch that saves energy and contributes to prolonging the pump life;
  • Decent PSI and GPM for most household cleaning chores;
  • Air-cooled industrial motor;
  • GFCI protection on the power cord and ETL certification;
  • Affordable price for this range of corded-electric pressure washer.

The cons relate to the following:

  • The user manual isn’t very detailed;
  • Finding the parts list isn’t quite easy;
  • The website indicated in the user manual looks somewhat shady;
  • Some users even complain that it’s a bit noisy;
  • All its connections are made of plastic, therefore threading the components must be done very carefully.

Arksen 3000 warranty terms

With the risk of sounding like a broken record, warranty details are very difficult to find. Apparently, this Arksen 3000 has only a 30-day warranty, which isn’t quite encouraging. The detail was revealed by the unhappy buyers, while the official website says nothing more than two lines on the so-called “Double-D” guarantee:

If Ken or I ever tell you we will finish your job by a specific day, and we miss, we’ll make it right by you. Period. Come hell or high water, we get jobs back to you when we promise, because we know how important those dies are to your business. You have my word on it.“, signed by Don Dostie, President of Arken Manufacturing.

With such flimsy and irrelevant warranty details, it clearly speaks about the courage of putting your money on this product. But just in case you want to find out more, here’s the only contact information provided in the user manual:
(949) 344-2588


The Arksen 3000 puts you face to face with some tempting manufacturer details and a catchy price. Yet the customers’ feedback could make you a bit uncertain, to say the least. And coupled with the very limited warranty, you’re making a tough choice with this corded-electric pressure washer

If you’re not planning on using it intensively, you like the price, and… you don’t mind adding a protection plan to it, from the seller you will be choosing… This Arksen 3000 might be worth the investment. Just keep in mind, though, that it’s a cheap product and some quality flaws might interfere!

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