AR Blue Clean AR112 vs Ford FPWEF2.1

AR Blue Clean AR112 or Ford FPWEF2.1
Researching for the best light electric power washer will most certainly bring you face to face with these two products. Both of them are… blue and both have big names on their labels. The latter common point, however, could be a bit misleading. AR Blue Clean AR112 is, indeed, a product entirely built by the famous Italian manufacturer of high-pressure pumps, Annovi Reverberi. Ford FPWEF2.1, however, is not actually built by Ford, but rather under the Ford license.

This, of course, shouldn’t necessarily make it less valuable. The fact that both products are on the top of consumers’ preferences proves it. Still, one would want to know which of these two products is actually the ideal light electric power washer. So, read on to find the answer!

Engine and power

AR Blue Clean AR112 works with a universal engine that boasts 12 Amp and 1.3 HP. Paired with the famous Annovi Reverberi tri-axial pump, it generates 1.600 PSI and 1.58 GPM. That’s a total of 2.528 cleaning units.

Ford FPWEF2.1 is powered by an engine working on 60 Hz, 120 V, and 13.5 A. This can support 1.800 PSI and 1.5 GPM, meaning 2880 cleaning units! Aside from the fact that it slightly outranks its competitor, it also matches some pricey gas units with similar outputs.

In this case, the more renowned light electric power washer doesn’t really have the numbers on its side…


One look would tell you that AR Blue Clean AR112 is above the Ford FPWEF2.1 in terms of design. We’re talking about:

  • 2 pounds vs 24.5 pounds
  • 18 x 10 x 7.5 inches vs 35.5 x 14 x 11.5 inches

As far as a light electric power washer is concerned, AR is clearly lighter and with a more compact design. However, it only has a:

  • 30-foot vs 35-foot power cord
  • 20-foot vs 25-foot garden hose

The Ford model also has onboard support for both the cord and the hose! And another interesting aspect is that this one has big wheels while the AR has no wheels at all. Some say you wouldn’t need it, given its lightweight design… Nevertheless, if you’re planning on moving it a lot around the yard, it could matter.


AR Blue Clean AR112 is part of Annovi Reverberi’s consumer line. But since the manufacturer is specialized in high-pressure pumps, the product ended up above average. Speaking of effectiveness, it should deliver 45% more pressure than what you get from a typical garden hose. Moreover, it should also reduce the water consumption during use with up to 80%.

Ford FPWEF2.1 is part of a line of three products, but comes with the lowest configuration in the line. That’s because it is the only light electric power washer, the other two models running on gas. Nevertheless, thanks to its high pressure, turbo position and dedicated nozzle, it ensures up to 30% more cleaning capability.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Both are advertised as more effective than the average light electric power washer. While percentages may be questionable, the source of the extra power matters. With AR Blue Clean AR112 is the pump, which delivers the same quality no matter what nozzles you use. With Ford FPWEF2.1 is just a particular nozzle that gives extra power, which isn’t applicable to all surfaces.

Also, both models:

  • Feature the Total Stop System technology, designed to shut off the power automatically when the trigger isn’t engaged;
  • Include the GFCI overload protection with their power cords;
  • Have 1-year warranty, with the mention that the AR warranty is bumper-to-bumper, covering every single component, replacement parts included!

On the plus side, the AR unit has a more practical rotary nozzle and a three-axial piston wobble-plate pump. This type of wobble-plate pump is known to perform superbly with lower water pressures and be more resistant in time. This means that the slightly smaller PSI is not necessarily a drawback! The only drawbacks would concern the previously mentioned lack of wheels and shorter cord and hose. Also, the design may be a bit more minimalist, making its opponent look more attractive.

As far as the Ford unit is concerned, we’ve seen it displays a slightly higher PSI and more cleaning units. While its nozzles are manually switched, it has a turbo tip and 4-position select wand with its own patented technology. The large wheels and the longer hose and cord would indicate easier maneuverability, despite the larger size. The downsides of this light electric power washer could also target its noise level, a bit higher compared to AR.


The best light electric power washer between the popular AR Blue Clean AR112 and Ford FPWEF2.1… It’s not the Ford, as some of the numbers from above would suggest. The Annovi Reverberi model is the preferred choice my many!

First, it’s the effectiveness that it boasts – forget the lower PSI, its innovative pump will make up for the difference. Second, it’s the warranty that comes with every single component of the unit! The customer support, the fact that it’s manufactured in America, not in China, like most of the Ford-patented models… All these are too hard to ignore. More often than not, the AR is the most reliable and effective light electric power washer!

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