Pressure Washer Reviews

Welcome to! Being prepared for almost everything is very important and if you are on this website then you may be looking for a pressure washer. We do help people by writing pressure washer reviews from which our visitors can take the advantages and disadvantages of each product and decide which one is what they are looking for.

There are 2 big pressure washers categories:

They are different in many aspects but both of these categories will work perfectly for cleaning with water under pressure. The first specs you should look at are the Power and the Engine they use because based on these 2 characteristics you can make an idea about how good the pressure washer machine is. Of course, if you are not looking for something very powerful then there are plenty of options.
These pressure washers can be light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty.

Top 3 medium and heavy duty Gas Pressure Washers

SIMPSON PS3228-S PowerShot

Simpson-PS3228-SPowerShot-thumbWith the 14 horsepower GX200 OHV Honda engine, this pressure washer can offer a PSI up to 3200 and a flow rate of 2.8 gallons per minute which means that you can clean almost everything around your house.
It is made for regular use but it can also do a lot of heavy work and this is why is considered to be a versatile pressure washer. The components are made from quality materiels so the durability is 100% ensured.

SIMPSON PS3228-S PowerShot is also CARB Compliant certified which is very important when you want to use this power washer.

Pros: durability, power, versatility.
Cons: heavyweight, expensive, limited service centers.

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Generac 6602 OneWash

Generac6602OneWash-thumbCompared to other washers from this class the Generac 6602 pressure washer is very powerful. The pressure can hit 3100 PSI while the flow rate value is 2.8 gallons per minute. The OHV engine displacement is 212cc.
It can be used for both basic cleaning but also for commercial use and you can clean things like cars, oily surfaces as well as concrete in just minutes.

Pros: very compact, power dial to control the pressure, versatility.
Cons: not CARB Compliant, there are complaints about the customer service

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SIMPSON MSH3125-S MegaShot

SIMPSON-MSH3125-SMegaShot-thumbWith the Honda engine GC190 OHC and a displacement of 187cc this pressure washer looks very well built. It has a PSI of 3100 and flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute. The fuel tank is not very big, only .475 gallons but is enough for most of the things you’ll do with this machine.
SIMPSON MSH3125-S MegaShot can clean things like grease, caked dirt and gum among many other types of dirt.

easy to handle, power, durability, CARB Compliant
Cons: no detergent tank, the pump is not very durable compared to other parts of this washer

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Top 3 Electric Pressure Washers

Sun Joe SPX3000

SPX3000This electric pressure washer is a good choice when you want to remove oil stains left by oil leaking from your car, grease and grime on any surface and the driveway.
With 2030 PSI and 1.76 GPM the Sun Joe SPX3000 washer is one of the most powerful electric pressure washers. This pressure washer is also considered to be very easy to handle and with a good durability compared to other pressure washers. The amperage is 14.5 amps.
Because is an electric pressure washer the Sun Joe SPX3000 is more quiet than any gasoline pressure washer and it really has a lot of power despite the appearances.

Pros:easy to use, low level of the noice, enough power even if is not on gasoline, good for both indoor and outdoor operations, extra safety given by the Total Stop System technology
Cons: sometimes is not coming with the

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AR Blue Clean AR390SS

AR Blue Clean AR390SS The maximum PSI is 2000 and the washer GPM is 1.4 which is enough for an electric pressure washer. It does have a GFIC plug and a detergent tank which is very important for many consumers.
Is not really recommended for industrial or comercial use but you can clean almost everything around your house.

Pros:easy to use, durability, noiseless, enough power even if is not on gasoline, made for frequent usage
Cons: some problems with the hose which has a tendency of recoiling

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GreenWorks GW1950

GW1950Is almost on the same level with Sun Joe SPX3000 and AR Blue Clean AR390SS so the differences are very small. This electric pressure washer has 1950 PSI and a GPM of 1.2 so it can be used for cleaning the driveways, the decks, the yard fencing and many other things. it doesn’t have the power of a gasoline pressure washer so is not recommended for industrial or comercial use.
GreenWorks GW1950 does have a detergent tank and the hose is made from rubber.

Pros: low level of noice, compact design, easy to use and transport
Cons: small wheels, some customers do speak about problems after the warranty expires

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