Top 3 electric pressure washers

top 3 electric pressure washers
With the best electric pressure washers, it is time to think again which is the best way to clean some surfaces.The ultimate answer to your cleaning problems will be offered by one of these great pressure washers. What’s more, they are designed uniquely just to offer you the best according to your cleaning tasks. We have done the reviews; you just need to pick the one that perfectly suits you. Packed with all the power, best performance and the sleekest of designs, you are going to love what these electric pressure washers can do for you.

GreenWorks GW1950 electric pressure washer.

The GreenWorks GW1950 is the ultimate solution for all your domestic cleaning tasks. The induction motor gives it all the power to get your driveway, the decks, the yard fencing among other surfaces cleaned in just a matter of minutes. Here are some of the amazing features that this product from the Sunrise Global Marketing LLC possesses to make it one of the best:

  • A heavy duty 13 Amp induction motor. This water-resistant motor gives a water pressure of up to 1950 PSI (pounds per square inch) and a volumetric flow rate of 1.2 GPM (Gallons per minute). This combination of pressure and the flow rate makes it most suitable for all medium duty cleaning applications.
  • Has 4 quick connect nozzles, ranging from the turbo nozzle (0 degrees), 25degrees, 40degrees and a soap nozzle. One can easily switch between any of these nozzle tips to suit among the various kinds of cleaning jobs one may be having.
  • Has a 25 ft. non-marring high-pressure hose which gives a wide area of coverage. It also comes with a storage reel for convenient storage of the pipe after use.
  • It has a uniquely streamlined on-board dual detergent tanks for easy application of the soap.
  • Has a rugged metal frame design with two 8 in. wheels, which alongside its lightweight ensures easy portability of the pressure washer.
  • The pressure washer also comes with several other accessories to make your cleaning work easier. Among them is the detailed user’s manual to guide on how to assemble, operate or even troubleshoot common problems with the machine.

Pros and cons of this pressure washer:

Here are the main advantages you will get from using this pressure washer:

  • It is quite easy to use and requires minimal instructions for operations. It is also quite simple to assemble to the full unit.
  • With the compact design, the cable holder and the hose reel, the unit can be easily stored and requires minimal space.
  • With the metal frame, the two wheels as well as the lightweight, it is easily portable, and manoeuvrability is achieved with much ease.
  • It is a quite a silent pressure washer, much quieter than most electric pressure washer.


  • With the short wheelbase and the small wheel diameter (8 In.), it is quite unstable especially when moved over rough terrain.
  • Associated with several mechanical and electrical faults, shortly after the expiry of the warranty period. Common mechanical problems include failure to start of the machine or frequent shutting down while in use.
  • The spray hose is quite short, for most of the users with this pressure washer.

In conclusion, despite the few cons attached to this pressure washer, it is a great one with an incredible performance at 1950 PSI. The GreenWorks GW1950 electric pressure washer is very easy to use, compact, lightweight and also quite quiet and it can be considered one of the best electric pressure washers.


Why go for less, while this pressure washer can actually help you do more. The ultimate outdoor cleaning power is all packed in the AR BLUE CLEAN AR383. With 2000 PSI, it is capable of carrying out most of the common outdoor cleaning tasks. Here are some of the features that you will enjoy from using this pressure washer:

  • The 14 Amp Universal electric motor has an incredible power that delivers water at pressures as high as 2000 PSI (pounds per square inch) and gives a flow rate of up to 1.4 GPM (gallons per minute). For an electric pressure washer, this pressure rating is powerful. And yes, the pressure washer delivers at that rate.
  • The package comes with several nozzles. There is a rotary turbo nozzle for high impact cleaning and three other quick connect nozzles at 0-degree pencil spray nozzle, 25 degrees fan spray nozzle, and a low-pressure soap nozzle, all for the less-intense cleaning.
  • It comes with built-in hose reel for easy storage of the 30 ft. hose. The 35 ft. power cord is also rolled on the unit when not in use.
  • Installed in the machine is the Total Stop System (TSS) that automatically powers off the whole unit when the trigger is disengaged, hence increasing the lifetime of the pump

Pros and cons of this machine

Among the advantages of the AR BLUE CLEAN AR383 electric pressure washer include:

  • With the variety of accessories that come with the unit, there are a variety of cleaning options and water pressure settings hence suitable to a variety of cleaning purposes.
  • With the 30 ft. water hose and the 35 ft. power cord, it covers a wide area of cleaning and one does not need to keep moving the unit around.
  • With the well-designed wheels and the handle, moving the machine from place to place is made with much ease.
  • It is easy to assemble and to use and suited to quite a wide range of cleaning chores.


  • The hose is very stiff thus reeling it in and out can be quite hectic sometimes.
  • Pulling out the reel from the unit requires care as it can easily topple the unit over.
  • The hose adapter has been reported to sprout a leak in a few cases.

In conclusion, although the AR BLUE CLEAN AR383 electric pressure washer is not completely flawless, it is a powerful, quiet pressure washer that does almost all cleaning tasks. At 2000 PSI, it has been better engineered, offer better quality and is more convenient than most electric pressure washer. Definitely one of the best electric pressure washers.

The Sun Joe SPX3000 electric pressure washer

Looking for a high-powered pressure washer to replace that old gas powered model and lower the carbon footprint while not compromising on the cleaning power? The Sun Joe SPX3000 from this best electric pressure washers list is your ultimate answer. It is a powerful, yet lightweight and quiet electric pressure washer that will get all those cleaning chores at home done within minutes. Here are some of the major few features you are going to like about this pressure washer:

  • It features a 14.5 Amp motor of 1800 watts that is capable of generating a pressure of 2030 PSI and a flow rate of 1.76 GPM to ensure maximum cleaning power. With majority electric pressure washers maxing out at less than 2000 PSI, you will agree that this is not just your normal electric pressure washer. Its performance is outstanding and definitely one of the best electric pressure washers.
  • The unit has dual detergent bottles that are removable. In addition to this, it has a unique detergent selection dial which allows you to use additional cleaning agents according to the concentration of the dirt and stains.
  • Has a 35 ft. power cord and 20 ft. pressure hose fitted with garden hose adapter (female coupler) to cover even hard-to-reach areas with much ease.
  • Features a total stop system for switching off the unit when the trigger is pulled.
  • At just 31 pounds, it is lightweight and together with the rear wheels, it is highly flexible and mobile.

Pros and cons of The Sun Joe SPX3000 electric pressure washer

Advantages why Sun Joe SPX3000 is on our best electric pressure washers list:

  • Suitable for cleaning a variety of surfaces. At 2030 PSI, it is powerful enough to handle virtually all household cleaning chores.
  • With the dual detergent tanks, it is very flexible and one can shift from one cleaning job to the other easily and quickly.
  • With its compact design, lightweight and the solid wheels incorporated, ease of mobility has been taken care of in this design
  • With the GFCI plug, integrated TSS and thermal safety switches, the unit has advanced safety features to ensure ultimate protection to the users.


  • Few leaking areas from the plastic connections.
  • No hose reel integrated into the design, hence up to you to neatly coil the hose and minimize on storage space.

The Sun Joe SPX3000 electric pressure washer still remains one of the best electric pressure washers with very many positive reviews from the users. The imperfections attributed to it are negligible when compared to the advantages. It offers amazing versatility, flexibility, mobility and also among the few electric pressure washers that are really powerful with pressures exceeding 2000 PSI.


In conclusion, having electric pressure washer means no fuel and also lower maintenance. They are the silent operators that have just the sufficient power to get most of your cleaning chores done. These three electric pressure washers are lightweight, silent, pollution free and offer pressure rating way above the normal electric pressure washer. These best electric pressure washers are the best value for your money. Choose the one that suits you the best and make your cleaning way less tedious and save more time.

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