Sun Joe SPX4001 electric pressure washer

Sun Joe SPX4001 electric power washer
Snow Joe® + Sun Joe® is a relatively new manufacturer of outdoor tools, founded in 2004. Nevertheless, some of its products compete with those of older, reputable brands and Sun Joe SPX4001 is one of them. As part of the SPX line that encompasses 4 different models, this particular electric pressure washer is the latest addition. While it keeps the same tech specs as the previous models, it comes with a special pressure select technology. And it is the only one in the series with an on-board hose reel.

Now let’s see what else is new about it and, most importantly, what’s so special about the Sun Joe SPX4001.

Review Score
  • 71%
    Pressure (PSI) - 71%
  • 75%
    Flow Rate (GPM) - 75%
  • 76%
    Power - 76%
  • 80%
    Brand - 80%
  • 80%
    Customer Reviews - 80%


Sun Joe SPX4001 is a well built electric pressure washer ready to do medium cleaning tasks.

Sun Joe SPX4001 engine

As suggested, the tech details are rather standard with Sun Joe SPX4001. The unit is powered by 1800 watts of pure power, through a powerful 14.5-amp motor. It features an electric start system, that only requires the push of a button.
In terms of performances, we are looking at:

  • 1.76GPM
  • 1450 – 2030PSI

That’s right, this model can support two different cleaning pressures, selectable through the special Pressure Select Technology. More about these special features, coming up next!

Other features of Sun Joe SPX4001

Just like many other models, this electric pressure washer has 5 different quick-connect spray tips. One can choose anything from the 0, 15, 25, 40 tips, with a separate tip for soap application. The latter will work together with a detergent tank of 54.1 fl oz. As expected, soap will only be released when using the dedicated tip.

Aside from these practical and common aspects, Sun Joe SPX4001 can give you access to two other special features:

  1. The Pressure Select Technology
  2. The Total Stop System

Sun Joe’s exclusive Pressure Select Technology is actually letting you choose from two cleaning options:

  • A low pressure of 1450 PSI, perfect for the everyday dirt, grease, and even grime removal tasks;
  • A high pressure of 2030 PSI, ideal for tackling the most challenging cleaning tasks.

Switching between these two is just as easy as using a dedicated rotating dial.

As for the TSS technology, it is a special safety lock switch of the Sun Joe SPX4001. Its purpose is to automatically shut off the trigger as soon as the pump is no longer engaged. Consequently, you are not only prolonging the pump’s life, but you also get to save some energy.

Sun Joe SPX4001 design features

The package containing your new electric pressure washer should include:

  • The upper handle frame and its hose reel assembly;
  • The lower handle frame and its pressure washer assembly;
  • Trigger gun;
  • Spray wand;
  • The 5 quick-connect nozzles;
  • A needle clean-out tool;
  • The high-pressure hose;
  • The garden hose adapter, which is a female coupler;
  • And the manual with the unit’s registration card.

The assembly will only require 5 steps:

  1. Sliding the upper handle frame into the lower handle frame;
  2. Fit and rotate the spray wand into the trigger gun;
  3. Connect the high-pressure hose to the trigger gun;
  4. Connect the other end of the high-pressure hose to the hose reel opening;
  5. Use the garden hose adapter to connect it to the water inlet of the unit and to the garden hose.

As our readers specify, putting it together is much simpler than it may appear from a distance. Once you have assembled it, the unit will measure 37 x 18 x 22 inches and weigh 32.4 pounds. With its 20-foot high-pressure hose and the 35-foot power cord, it’s ready to plug and play.

This should be the part where you will be noticing some important design improvements. You’re looking at an assembly with an axial pump, encased in a special, shock-absorbing housing. The low center of gravity adds stability, while the easy-glide 8-inch wheels will ensure maximum maneuverability.

As suggested, Sun Joe SPX4001 is the only one in the SPX series with an onboard hose reel. It should help you keep the high-pressure hose in place, for easy and quick storage or transportation. Other novelties consist of the rotating dials, that should help you change suction strength and detergent release accordingly. And the washer received a new, aluminum connection for the garden hose, instead of the plastic that previous models had.

Ease of use and noise

Without a doubt, Sun Joe SPX4001 is easy to put together even for the less tech-savvy persons. The user manual comes with clear, illustrated instructions and there isn’t really that much to assemble on it. Fully mounted, the washer is well-balanced and relatively light, with its motor and pump placed on a low aluminum frame. With the added large wheels, moving it around will be a breeze, regardless of the terrain. And when you turn it on, you’ll notice it’s fairly quiet when running and completely silent when not applying pressure.

Sun Joe SPX4001 customer reviews

Customer reviews are important when it comes to assessing the real look, feel, and performances of this electric pressure washer. Among the positive reviews, we have often seen mentioned the following aspects:

  • Sun Joe SPX4001 is easy to work with, from matching its components to moving and using around the house;
  • The two selectable different pressures are highly appreciated by its users;
  • And the customer support is always helpful – the majority of buyers complaining about small assembly issues get a very fast and compelling response from a selling rep.

As for the things that could be improved, users feel that the hose is a bit short. Consequently, some of them opted for a hose extension. Also, there are voices saying that the reel handle, made of plastic, doesn’t feel very solid. So, the general recommendation would be to handle it carefully, to avoid deterioration. And another discontent that resulted into a great tip would concern the o-ring pieces. Some would tell you to lubricate it with some special lubricant or oil to avoid occasional leakages.

See more reviews about this electric pressure washer!

Pros and cons of this electric pressure washer

All the benefits of purchasing a Sun Joe SPX4001 have surfaced this review so far, one way or another. To sum up, it’s all about:

  • Ease of use;
  • Compact design;
  • Increased stability;
  • Pressure output and tips flexibility;
  • Special pressure select and stop systems;
  • The great ability to clean a wide range of surfaces and degrees of dirt;
  • The great customer support;
  • The convenience of not having to deal with gas;
  • The accessible price.

The only downsides we could see, so far, is that:

  • The detergent tank is not removable;
  • The hose might require an extension;
  • It only works with cold water only, for pump-preserving considerations.

Sun Joe SPX4001 warranty terms

This electric pressure washer comes with a 2-year full warranty. Those interested in enhanced protection, however, have 90 days from the date of purchase to pay for extra coverage.

The manufacturer is offering for the Sun Joe SPX4001 a 1-year extended service coverage, available on the official website. This special Protection Plus program left aside, Sun Joe has a reliable customer support.

Register your product online with them and contact them for details on how to proceed whenever you encounter a problem.


Sun Joe SPX4001 is a great electric pressure washer that anyone looking to cover small around-the-house cleaning tasks could consider. Of course, you should be perfectly aware of its capabilities and don’t compare it to any gas model. Otherwise, the unit has a practical, eye-catching design. Decent pressure for an electric unit. And an even more decent price. Sun Joe SPX4001 is definitely an option to look into, for further consideration!

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