Sun Joe SPX1000 electric washer

Sun Joe SPX1000 electric pressure washer
The decision of buying an electric pressure washer usually comes after serious research. Most people don’t want the hassle of gas units, though, they crave for their power. As one of the most compact and lightest devices in its series, Sun Joe SPX1000 certainly nailed the ease-of-use part. And with its adjustable spray nozzle that makes room for improved versatility, many would wonder… Is it really as good as it looks? Or as powerful as the manufacturer presents it? Will its size and price convenience make up for the time it takes to clean things up? Let’s see how easy it should be to clean your garden deck, parking lot, car, or sports equipment with it…

  • 69%
    Pressure (PSI) - 69%
  • 70%
    Flow Rate (GPM) - 70%
  • 68%
    Power - 68%
  • 85%
    Brand - 85%
  • 80%
    Customers Reviews - 80%


Small and lightweight electric pressure washer. Sun Joe SPX1000 is very good for small cleaning jobs.

The Sun Joe SPX1000 electric pressure washer engine

As suggested, Sun Joe SPX1000 is part of a 4-model series, with the 1500, 2000, and 2500 units included. With the smallest case also comes the smallest engine of 11.5 Ampere and 1400 Watt. Designed for residential use, easy to operate, it still ranks below the 2000 PSI threshold. And as you probably know, any unit below this value is suitable for light-duty tasks.

To be more specific, the Sun Joe SPX1000 comes with a cleaning capability of 1450 PSI and 1.45 GPM. The two values will also indicate a little over 2100 cleaning units, which is good, but not great. We’ve certainly seen more powerful units in this category.

Other features of the product

With this particular washer, what you see is what you get, with a few couple of extra touches. The engine above described works paired with a no-branded pump, well-protected within a shock-absorbing case. Sun Joe SPX1000 is also:

  • CSA approved;
  • Comes with a GFCI plug;
  • Has a twist nozzle that can easily give you an opening from 0 to 40 degrees;
  • Boasts a safety lock option on the handle, for extra protection when not in use;
  • Features the popular TSS (total stop system) designed to stop the pump when the trigger is not in use.

What the unit is obviously missing is the dedicated soap tank, though, users can buy one and just attach it.

Sun Joe SPX1000 design features

For such a small and compact unit, there isn’t much to add aside from its outer case. Assembled, it will weigh 11.7 pounds and measure 19 x 9.8 x 12 inches. The package of the electric pressure washer comes with its adjustable 33-inch spray wand assembly, separate from the case, plus:

  • The trigger gun and the handle;
  • The holders of the trigger gun and hose/cord;
  • A needle clean-out tool;
  • One high-pressure hose;
  • The two wheels;
  • The adaptor for the garden hose, a female coupler with two o-rings.

Without a doubt, Sun Joe SPX1000 is the smallest and lightest model in the series. The 35-ft extension cord it comes with can be easily paired with a 25-ft extension cord and gain extra coverage. As far as the assembly is concerned, it only has several main components to put together. A screwdriver and some push and twist will do it. The unit will be ready to sit on its two wheels and get to work within a couple of minutes!

Ease of use and noise

The electrical functioning and tiny design make Sun Joe SPX1000 a very easy to use electric pressure washer. And with its small engine and TSS technology, it should make moderate noise, only as long as the handle is triggered. The small dimensions make it convenient to carry around and easy to store in a just as small closet corner. The issue, however, may come when you’re trying to push it on its two wheels. So close to the ground, taller persons find it difficult to grab it by the handle. This means that it should be carrier around instead of pushed on its wheels, though, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Customer reviews

Sun Joe SPX1000 received mostly positive feedback from our readers, with some limitations regarding the following aspects:

  • The GFCI plug, despite being an appreciated feature, may not fit all kinds of wall outlets, requiring an extended cord.
  • The adjustable pressure is also appreciated. But, in some instances, using the wrong pressure level could deteriorate your outdoor furniture or plants. This is, of course, a matter that would concern any pressure washer, not just the Sun Joe SPX1000.
  • Some users complained about the extended time required to tackle the cleaning chores, depending on surface and dirt persistence. Apparently, large surfaces and difficult stains are not easy to cover with this electric pressure washer (though, graffiti from wall bricks is often successfully removed).

Other than that, with decks and motorbikes or ATV devices, wherever low pressure is required, the unit works just fine. Car washing and outdoor facilities are often easily cleaned with its help.

Pros and cons of the Sun Joe SPX1000

As we’re making our way to a final conclusion, we should pounder the pros and cons for one last time. On the plus side, this particular unit is:

  • Very small and lightweight;
  • Easy to carry around or to store;
  • Easy to assemble;
  • Requires little to no maintenance at all;
  • Instructions from the manufacturer are intuitive and easy to follow;
  • Versatile and convenient to use with its adjustable pressure that doesn’t require constantly changing nozzles;
  • A decent price tag and a just as decent warranty.

As for the limitations of the electric pressure washer:

  • It wasn’t designed to run with hot water – according to the manufacturer, any temperature over 40° C will deteriorate the pump;
  • Some plastic components aren’t very sturdy;
  • It works exclusively plugged in.


Just like with any other warranty, Sun Joe SPX1000 is protected as long as proper use and maintenance are done. We’re looking at a standard, 2-year warranty, for residential use, against defects in material or workmanship. As expected, misused, neglected, wrongly assembled parts will void the warranty, while commercial use will cut it to 90 days. Generally speaking, any mistake on the user’s end, including not using original parts, can take the product out of warranty.


Sun Joe advertises this electric pressure washer as a mighty tool, perfect for light to medium duty cleaning jobs. Considering that medium-duty, within the industry standards, is anything over 2000 PSI, the observation is clearly a tad overrated. Still, it is fair to notice that Sun Joe SPX1000 works really well with moderate stains and reasonable cleaning surfaces.

If you haven’t been cleaning your backyard in ages, this probably isn’t the best option to begin with. For those with a small deck and patio, who want to be able to regularly keep things clean, however… It’s a decent option, with a very attractive price and a design that will encourage even the less tech-savvy users. Keep reasonable expectations and Sun Joe SPX1000 will do a more than reasonable job!

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