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For those planning on using their pressure washers on a regular basis or for commercial purposes, this is the time to stop using the residential pressure washers and upgrade to using the Simpson PS3228-S PowerShot 3200 PSI gas powered pressure washer. This gas powered pressure washer is a heavy duty beast when it comes to doing cleaning chores of all kinds. With the massive frame, huge engine and huge air filled tires, this piece of equipment qualifies to be a heavy duty machine just from the first glance. This gas powered pressure washer cleans graffiti, prepares walls for painting, and gets rid of oil as well as grease among other duties. The incredible 2.8 GPM flow rate will help you to finish the cleaning more quickly. This powerful pressure washer has a PSI of up to 3,200 and is suitable for commercial purposes only.

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  • 86%
    Pressure (PSI) - 86%
  • 75%
    Flow Rate (GPM) - 75%
  • 80%
    Engine&Power - 80%
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    Brand - 85%
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    Customers Reviews - 81%


Medium pressure washer with Honda engine and enough power to help you around the house but also for commercial purposes.

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8/10 (2 votes)

The engine and power of the Simpson PS3228-S PowerShot 3200 PSI

The PS3228-S gas pressure washer has a powerful 14 horsepower (HP) GX200 OHV commercial Honda engine. The engine includes an oil alert level indicator that monitors the level of the oil. The engine performs with an optimum efficiency hence improving the reliability of the pressure washer. The engine is very easy to start and has maintained the legacy of being workhorses that Honda engines are famously known for.

This Simpson PS3228–S PowerShot 3200 PSI power washer has a big water pressure of up to 3200 pounds per square inch (PSI) and a flow rate of 2.8 gallons per minute (GPM). The cleaning speed for this product is 8960 cleaning units. This is made capable using the Honda engine incorporated in this washer and can clean virtually dirt of all kinds.

Features of this pressure washer

If we need to speak about the options that make Simpson PS3228-S PowerShot 3200 PSI gas pressure washer stand out of other gas pressure washers, then here they are:

  • It has a professional spray gun which has a safety lock which ensures that the spray gun only sprays when required.
  • It has a steel engine plate, welded steel frame, a solid steel axle and pneumatic measuring 10 inches in diameter.
  • The pressure washer features a pro-style spray wand with 5 nozzles. These quick connect nozzles are: 0, 15, 25, 40 degrees and a soap applicator nozzle. All these increase the general use of this power washer.
  • The pressure washer has a convenient onboard accessory storage for storing the spray wand/spray gun, the nozzles, and the high-pressure hose.
  • This gas pressure washer has a downstream detergent injection system to be used by the cleaners.
  • It has a HONDA GX200 OHV commercial series engine having an oil alert system with Engine Oil included.
  • This pressure washer has an AAA industrial triplex plunger pump having its pistons coated with ceramic as well as the PowerBoost technology providing higher pressure at the nozzles.
  • It has 5/16 in by 25ft MorFlex high-pressure hose providing high flexibility, is non-marring, is resistant to kinking and abrasion and has been equipped with easy twist-on connectors.


Ease of use and noise levels.

This Simpson PS3228-S PowerShot 3200 PSI gas pressure washer is somehow difficult to use. Because of the Honda engine this washer starts at the first pull start recoil. It is a little bit low and therefore for people who are over 6 feet high, it will be quite tiresome and annoying to bend over to lift it onto its wheels. Even though it’s a bit heavy, dragging it along in the two air-filled pneumatic tires makes its mobility much more easier. Those five quick connect nozzle tips helps you to do a lot of cleaning jobs. The machine has also incorporated some safety features, including the low oil alert system as well as the spray gun safety lock. The gas emissions have been minimized, but it is still recommended to use some protection to minimize inhalations.

As expected of gas powered pressure washers, this pressure washer produces a certain noise level. However, the Honda engine is designed to operate much quieter and smoother; thus reduced noise produced by the machine. The compact nature of the washer minimizes the noise levels even further. It vibrates as well, and you should be careful as this vibration may loosen some parts of the machines like nuts and might fall off as you move the washer from one place to another after being used.

What others say

A majority of the people who have used this pressure washer like it. This is because the pressure washer offers a lot of power and cleans virtually every dirt including the most stubborn stains. Most of the reviewers say it starts on the first pull and runs smoothly. Out of the five possible stars on Amazon, most reviewers have given this pressure washer 4 stars out of the possible 5 stars. It is packed with so much power and cleans any surface within no time. However, a few say that it is quite huge and heavy and needs a lot of effort to move around. Others say some fuel odor comes out of the packaging box when you open it. Many people also complain of the difficulty in locating a servicing center when they want their washers to be serviced. All in all this pressure washer according to many users gives value for their money and would recommend it to anyone wishing to purchase such a gas pressure washer.

Pros and cons of the Simpson PS3228-S PowerShot 3200 PSI


  • Regular usage: This gas powered pressure washer is designed to be used very regularly and for heavy duty tasks without any compromise on its operational efficiency. With the huge air-filled tires, this washer can operate in every environment, however, harsh it might be. This machine offers an optimum performance.
  • Power: This gigantic pressure washer is packed with so much power that it will clean entirely any dirty surface. With the 3200 PSI water pressure and 2.8 GPM flow rate; you will be amazed at the range of cleaning applications you can use it on.
  • Durability: this gas powered pressure washer is very durable and will give you a longer service life if you follow the guidelines regarding its maintenance as specified. Its engine which is the most expensive part of this washer is the longest lasting part and should be well maintained.
  • Versatility: it is applicable for virtually any cleaning task, especially for commercial purposes. With the assortment of hoses and nozzles, that can be changed just in a matter of seconds. Detergent can be included to get an even better cleaning with the high cleaning power. With this pressure washer, flexibility in cleaning is guaranteed
  • High quality: this Simpson PS3228-S PowerShot 3200 PSI gas powered pressure washer has been manufactured using modern technology and incorporates components from known brands (Honda engines). All the components used to craft this washer are of high quality and in a similar way, it delivers as expected; most of the times beyond the expectations of the user.


  • Heavy: the unit is quite heavy and requires effort to move around.
  • Expensive: going by the current market price, this pressure washer costs more than most gas pressure washer of its class.
  • Fuel Odor: Presence of fuel odor on the packaging box when you purchase it.
  • Limited Service Centers: Lack of enough service centers to service this pressure washer in case one need to.


The Simpson PS3228-S PowerShot 3200 PSI gas powered pressure washer is a power king. This pressure washer is suited for commercial purposes and, therefore, is suitable for cleaning larger areas. This pressure washer is flexible and has incorporated some safety mechanisms to ensure that the user is always safe. This pressure washer was designed for heavy duty tasks and will ensure all tough cleaning jobs are sorted out in a matter of minutes. This pressure washer is durable, robust and manufactured using some of the highest quality components to offer exemplary results.

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