Simpson MSH3125-S MegaShot 3100 PSI

Simpson MSH3125-S

About Simpson MSH3125-S

This is not just your average residential grade power washer but one of the best. If you are considering having a pressure washer, either for personal or commercial purposes, this is your best choice. The Simpson MSH3125-S Megashot is a high-pressure washer that is driven by a Gas Powered Engine. If you need a pressure washer for your home, or your business, with the Simpson Megashot, you are assured that it will deliver. It is an ideal companion for professional cleaning solution companies and is perfect for cleaning outdoor furniture, decks and preparing exterior of the house for painting. It is not just your regular residential pressure washer but a premium grade pressure washer which packs so much power with the 3100PSI. It blasts through any tough cleaning job and hence most suitable for industrial cleaning. With the ease of use and the quiet motor, it makes it also suitable for home usage as well. In general, it can be used to remove dirt, grime and grease from different surfaces including buildings, vehicles, and floors among others. It is definitely the most versatile pressure washer that fits all sorts of cleaning jobs.

Review Score
  • 85%
    Pressure (PSI) - 85%
  • 73%
    Flow Rate (GPM) - 73%
  • 78%
    Engine&Power - 78%
  • 85%
    Brand - 85%
  • 88%
    Customers Reviews - 88%


Simpson MSH3125-S is a power washer which can be used to clean almost everything. The power of this machine is acceptable and most of the people are considering this a must have.

User Review
8/10 (1 vote)

Engine and power

Simpson MSH3125-S Megashot has been equipped with a Honda GCV190 OHC residential engine with a fuel tank capacity of 0.91 litres. The recommended engine oil to give it the longest lifespan is 10W-30. Honda is well-known all over the world for durable engines, and this is no different. The fuel consumption is efficient just like most of other Honda engines. The design is aimed at maximizing power with minimum fuel consumption. A reviewer was quoted to say, ‘for 5.5 hours without a break, and it just consumed a gallon and a half of fuel’. Really nice! The engine is also easy to start which makes it more customer-friendly and easy to use. The engine is built with high-quality components and designed for optimum performance even in the harshest of environments. It is ideal for domestic purposes since it is quite quiet. If you are looking for a combination of power and control, this engine is designed for you and this pressure washer is a must have.

The Simpsons Megashot pressure washer harnesses its power from the engine to deliver an incredible 3100 PSI (pounds per square inch). This is roughly about four more times powerful than the spray hoses at your local carwash. Its power is enough to remove all caked dirt, grease, gum and many others types of dirt. It’s more than enough to shoot through your wall if not very careful.


Essential features

Here are some of the unique features of Simpson MSH3125-S Megashot pressure washer:

  • The dimensions of the product are 33 inches by 21 inches and 19 inches high (83.82 by 53.34 by 48.26 cm). It is quite compact and weighs only 85 pounds (38.56kg). The lightweight makes it easy to transport around and does not take much muscle power. Coupled with the durable wheels, manoeuvrability is achieved quite effortless
  • It boasts of a Powerboost axial cam brass head pump technology which ensures the high pressure is maintained at the nozzle and increases the performance of the pressure washer, giving you a robust 2.5 GPM cleaning performance. This also helps to reduce the vibrations, heat as well as noise, hence increasing the useful life of the pressure washer. What’s more, it is maintenance free.
  • Quick-connect nozzles: it comes with 5 easy to swap pro-style steel nozzles that are set at 0, 15, 25 and 40 degrees spray angles. It also has a soap applicator nozzle. Even beginners can comfortably use the pressure washers due to the ease of use.
  • Flexible hoses: the pressure washer comes with a very flexible 1/4” by 25 feet MorFlex brand high-pressure hose. It is kink and abrasion resistant and offers good flexibility due to the easy twist-on connectors. The length offers you a wider area of working as well.
  • Robust trolley and frame design: it has a 6 gauge steel tube frame and a 12 gauge engine plate. The frame offers a conveniently integrated gun, hose and wand hanger.
  • Ergonomic spray gun: this gives you an easier working for long hours and experiences less fatigue. The steel lance also accepts standard nozzles and accessories. The spray gun also comes with a safety lock-out as well.
  • Detergent siphoning tube: The pressure washer also comes with a downward detergent injection system to be used in cleaning.

Ease of use and noise

Simpson MSH3125-S Megashot is amazingly easy to use as compared to most conventional pressure washers. With the easy to start Honda engine, together with the ergonomic handle, it offers a stress-free cleaning experience. At a weight of only 85 pounds, the compact size of the pressure washer and the 10-inch pneumatic tires, portability of the washer is ensured at the least effort and manoeuvrability can be made with ease. The design is good looking and fits easily to any new beginners or pro-users.  Reviewers say it is easy to start, very simple to use and works hard for hours.

Considering the performance given by this pressure washer we can say that is very quiet. This reduction in noise is maybe due to the compact size of the machine.

What others think

Generally, most of the reviews given on this pressure washer are positive. With the tons of power that comes with this machine, most users have said that even the most stubborn grease and oil dirt are removed in minutes. Most people overwhelmingly admit that it actually gives the value for their money, and it is the best deal so far as far as pressure washers are concerned. It really delivers! Reviews on Amazon are excellent apart from some customers who seem unsatisfied by the manufacturer’s way of handling the sales. In general, the rating of the product is 4.0 stars out of 5.0.

Pros of the Simpson MSH3125-S Megashot

  • Honda GCV190 OHC engine gives a lot of power. It distributes water at an extremely high pressure. Coupled with the free axial cam pump using a direct drive, it ensures the highest efficiency to give the best performance
  • The product is easy to use. By following the user’s guide, anyone can use it with a lot of ease, even for a beginner.
  • The product is light, and one can move it with ease. Coupled with the 10’ tires, manoeuvrability can easily be accomplished.
  • The pressure washer is affordable and easy to store. With all the accessories coming on board including spray gun, hose and engine; it requires a small place to store.
  • Spray nozzle has up to 5 tip assortment that gives the user the freedom on which to choose while cleaning different surfaces.
  • It is a durable machine made from high-quality materials hence long lasting.

Cons of the Simpson MSH3125-S Megashot

  • Lack of a detergent tank which makes it a bit inconvenient to some of the users.
  • It is a usual complaint from the customers that the full manufacturer’s box comes with some missing parts. It takes about two to three weeks to receive the missing items.
  • Customer service support may at times not be up to the standards.
  • The pump is not as durable as the rest of the machine and at times, it may falter first.



Simpson MSH3125-S Megashot delivers on all cleaning jobs. It is easy to use and also very flexible. The most distinguishing feature is its power delivery, which goes up to 3100 PSI. Alongside the energy efficiency of this machine, it definitely gives you value for your money. The manufacturers offer a one year warranty for this pressure washer as well (which is exclusive of the spray accessories that have a 90-day warranty). Although I don’t want to sound as though I am marketing this product, I would recommend it to anyone wishing to get a pressure washer, either for domestic or commercial purposes.

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