Pressure Pro E4040HC Heavy Duty


Intro words about E4040HC

This is not just your ordinary pressure washer. The Pressure Pro E4040HC Heavy Duty Professional 4,000 PSI pressure washer with a CAT pump will deliver on almost any cleaning job ranging from cleaning vehicles, cleaning the siding, brightening wood, removing even the most stubborn stains as well as stripping away any paint. The incredible 4 gallons per minute flow rate will ensure the cleaning job is completed in the least time possible. The product comes with a 50 mesh inlet filter that protects the engine from any dirt and ensures it gives you the longest service life possible. This gigantic pressure washer with a water pressure of up to 4,000 PSI can be used for both commercial and domestic purposes.

Review Score
  • 95%
    Pressure (PSI) - 95%
  • 90%
    Flow Rate (GPM) - 90%
  • 90%
    Engine&Power - 90%
  • 90%
    Brand - 90%
  • 92%
    Customers Reviews - 92%


Pressure Pro E4040HC can be used for both commercial and domestic purposes. This heavy duty pressure washer will never let you down and most of the people are considering this a 5 star power washer.

User Review
9.5/10 (1 vote)

The engine and power of Pressure Pro E4040HC

This machine features a powerful 13 horsepower (HP) Honda GX390 engine. This new technology four-stroke engine features more power with a quieter performance for this pressure washer. The performance efficiency has been increased to ensure lower fuel consumption with lower emissions while giving higher output operation. These engines have proved to be reliable and give smooth operation. The engine is also easy to start. This engine is coupled to a CAT pump to deliver an incredible 4000 PSI water pressure, more than enough pressure to remove any kind of dirt on the surface.

This pressure washer features an incredible water pressure of up to 4000 pounds per square inch (PSI) and a flow rate of 4 gallons per minute (GPM). It offers a cleaning speed of 16000 cleaning units. This is incredible and can get any cleaning task completed in just a matter of minutes, thanks to the Honda engine that is incorporated into this machine.

Features of this pressure washer

Listed below are some of the fantastic features of the Pressure Pro E4040HC Heavy Duty Professional 4,000 PSI pressure washer that make it stand out of the ordinary gas pressure washers:

  • It features an exclusive CAT brand belt drive triplex plunger pump. This pump is composed of ceramic components, and the belt drive runs cooler, hence helps it last longer. It is also easy to maintain or rebuild.
  • It consists of a revolutionary Aircraft Grade Aluminium frame with dual handles. This frame is lightweight, and it ensures there are no welds that may lead to cracks, breakage or even failure. The frame comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • The pressure washer has thermosensors. This is a safety precaution mechanism that prevents the engine from overheating when in the bypass mode. Other safety precautions include the low oil indicator shut down that protects the engine and the pump once the oil level has gone below the required level.
  • The machine has an adjustable pressure unloader to set the pressure according to the nature of the cleaning task to be undertaken.
  • The pressure washer features 5 quick connect nozzles. These vary from 0 degrees, 15 degrees, 25 degrees 40 degrees and a soap applicator. All these increase the versatility of the machine.
  • The machine is fitted with two pneumatic tires, a steel axle, and dual padded shock absorbing feet which give an easier mobility and maneuverability on any surface. The shock absorbing pads provide stability to the unit when it is in operation.
  • The product comes with several accessories to make the cleaning exercise hassle-free. These include a 50 ft. steel reinforced high-pressure hose and single wand spray guns with 5 quick connect nozzle tips.
  • The product’s dimensions are 42 inches by 22 inches by 26 inches. It weighs 99 pounds, although shipping weight may rise up to 150 pounds due to the various accessories present.


Ease of use and noise levels of this pressure washer.

The machine is not complicated and is somehow easy to use. The required assembly goes to as simply attaching the hose to the pressure washer and using the right proportion of engine oil and gas. The washer uses a recoil starter and on the first crank, it starts, thanks to the Honda engine. Though it’s a bit heavy, dragging it along in the two pneumatic tires makes the motion much easier. With the five quick connect nozzle tips; you get to do a wider range of cleaning jobs. The machine has also incorporated some safety features, including the low oil shut down indicator as well as thermosensors, in case the unit is overheating. The emissions have also been minimized, but it is advisable to use protective clothing to minimize inhaling the fumes.

Just like any other gas powered pressure washer, Pressure Pro E4040HC pressure washer reaches a certain noise level. However, the engine is designed to operate much quieter and smoother; thus reduced noise on the product. The compact nature of the product reduces the noise levels even further.

What others say

Most people who have used Pressure Pro E4040HC washer are very pleased with the results. On Amazon, on an account of fourteen people that have given a response, the product has a star rating of five out of five. It is packed with so much power and cleans any surface within no time.  Most of the reviewers say it starts on the first pull and runs smoothly. “With a Honda engine and a CAT pump, there is no way anything could go wrong.” One of the reviewers is quoted to say that. To attain the full-service life of this machine, be sure to follow the instructions as shown on the user’s guide.  However, a few say that it is quite heavy and needs a lot of effort to move it around. Others say it drains the gas very fast, hence ends up been more expensive to use as compared to the other pressure washers. Generally, most of the users say they have enjoyed the experience given by this pressure washer, it gives value for their money and would recommend it to anyone wishing to buy a gas pressure washer.

Pros and cons of E4040HC Heavy Duty pressure washer

  • Power: This enormous pressure washer is packed with so much power that it will clean almost any surface. With the 4000 PSI water pressure and 4 GPM flow rate; you will be amazed by the range of cleaning applications you can use it on.
  • Durability: the machine is durable and will give you a long service life if you follow the instructions regarding its maintenance to the letter.
  • Versatility: it is applicable for virtually any cleaning task, either for domestic or commercial purposes. With the adjustable pressure unloader and the various quick connect nozzles, you can use it for a broad range of cleaning jobs.
  • High quality: the machine has been crafted using modern technology and incorporates components from known brands (Honda engine and CAT pump) together with aluminium. All the components used are high quality and in the same way, it delivers appropriately; sometimes beyond the user’s expectations.


  • Heavy: the unit is heavy and requires effort to drag it along
  • Missing Manual: Although a manual is provided for the maintenance of the engine, there is no user’s guide for the operation and maintenance of the pump.
  • No hose reel. The unit lacks a place to put the hose or the nozzle once you are done using it.
  • Expensive: with the current price in the market, it feels like it costs higher than most gas pressure washer of its class.


The Pressure Pro E4040HC Heavy Duty Professional 4,000 PSI gas pressure washer is a good pressure washer, which offers a broad range of cleaning solutions. It is great machinery that comes with a lot of pressure and pretty quiet when compared to most gas pressure washers. It incorporates various safety precautions as well. Although it has some disadvantages attributed to it, it is a good pressure washer that is durable and reliable as well.

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