Powerstroke PS80519B Washer

When it comes to power washers, what normally lingers in people’s minds include the manoeuvrability of the washer, the ease of use and the weight of the washer. If you want a power washer that has the best manoeuvrability, efficient fuel consumption and light weighted then; the Powerstroke PS80519 is the washer to go for. The Powerstroke PS80519 is a high-pressure washer that is driven using an engine that is gas powered. This is the best washer to be used for light cleaning duties like cleaning your garage, stairs, fencing, garage door as well as sidewalks. This pressure washer is power packed and can avail up to 2200 PSI. With the ease of use as well as a quiet engine, this is the best pressure washer for all household cleanings. This pressure washer performs exemplarily. This pressure washer lacks an electric cord and this gives it a boost in as far as its manoeuvrability is concerned. This pressure washer cleans almost every type of dirt that you may come across only that because it uses cold water, for oily and greasy dirt then some detergent must be added to clean the oily and greasy dirt effectively.

Review Score
  • 75%
    Pressure (PSI) - 75%
  • 70%
    Flow Rate (GPM) - 70%
  • 74%
    Engine - 74%
  • 80%
    Brand - 80%
  • 84%
    Customers Reviews - 84%


Powerstroke PS80519 has very good manoeuvrability and can be used for a wide variety of tasks. It has 2200 maximum PSI power and can clean with ease a lot of surfaces.

Engine and power

Powerstroke PS80519 has been fitted with a Honda OHV engine having a fuel tank that can hold a maximum of 0.21 gallons of fuel. There is absolutely no need for mixing oil with the fuel. The reputation of Honda engines worldwide has been great and this Honda OHV engine is no exception. As expected of other Honda engines, the consumption of fuel is excellent and efficient. The aim of this type of engine design is to use less fuel while offering massive power. The easy to pull rope makes the starting of the engine quite easy and very simple. The engine uses 4 stroke lubricants such as SAE10W30 or SAE 30 to operate.

The engine produces a power of around 2200 PSI for the Powerstroke PS80519 pressure washer. This is way mush better than the electrical washers we have around. This amount of power is good enough to remove dirt in areas where too much pressure that can destroy things is not required like when cleaning household products (residential setting).


Essential features

The following are the features of the Powerstroke PS80519 pressure washer:

  • The Powerstroke PS80519 is powered using a 4 cycle 140cc OHV engine. It is not necessary to mix oil with the fuel.
  • The Powerstroke PS80519 comes with three nozzles that help in targeting the pressure.
  • This unit is recommended to be used with cold water only.
  • It is possible to use this washer with various pressure washer detergents. No toxic chemicals pass through the system of the pump itself because the detergents and chemicals get introduced into the flow of water after water exits the pump.
  • The Powerstroke PS80519 gives a maximum PSI of 2200 and a maximum GPM of 2.0. Due to this, when compared with many other electrical washers in the market then the Powerstroke 80519 is very powerful.
  • It has an on-board nozzle, trigger handle and hose storage.
  • The Powerstroke 2200 PSI pressure washer has an extended reach pressure hose which is 25inch high.
  • It has 3 Quick-Connect Nozzles which are important when cleaning different surfaces because the pressure cannot be adjusted. The green 25 degrees nozzle is the high-pressure nozzle and is used for cleaning brick, concrete and masonry. The 40 degrees nozzle which is white in colour gives a very broad spray as is suitable for gutters, lawn equipment and fencing.

Ease of use and noise

Powerstroke PS80519 is very easy to use when compared to other conventional pressure washers. With the 7 inch tyres that never go flat, this washer possesses the best portability. Together with the lightweight of 55 lbs., this is among some of the lightest pressure washers in existence. The manoeuvrability of this pressure washer is second to none and this makes it very easy to use. With the powerful Honda engine that this washer comes with, it offers the best cleaning experience. Any new user, as well as a seasoned user, will find a lot of ease while using this washer. The presence of the quick connect nozzles coupler makes this washer very convenient to use.

The compact 140cc engine of the Powerstroke PS80519 is very quiet and still offers the best performance making this pressure washer to be quite quiet when being operated.

What others think

A majority of the reviews given on this machine are positive reviews. The fact that the Powerstroke PS80519 is lighter and very easy to use makes many people prefer it for light household cleaning activities. It lacks an electric cord that could hinder its manoeuvrability and has non-flat tyres which boost its manoeuvrability as well. It has so much power making it suitable for various applications. If you wish to carry out light residual cleaning, then this is the washing machine for you. Some reviewers though are not fully satisfied with this washer complaining about the initial start-up. It delivers! Reviews on Amazon are excellent with a majority of the reviewers giving 4 stars and above. In general, the washer has a rating of 4.2 out of 5.0.


Pros of the Powerstroke PS80519

  • An easy to pull rope is used to start the engine.
  • The power output is great and can handle a wide variety of tasks.
  • Can run for a very long time while using very minimum fuel, the fuel tank can hold 0.21 gallons of the fuel tank when full.
  • A trigger handle as well as spray wand have storage areas that are designated and conveniently located on the machine’s sides.
  • It has a hook and loop used to secure the high-pressure hose in the right position.
  • It includes an extended reach pressure hose which is 25inch high.
  • It has an on-board system for storing the nozzles making them to be always handy.
  • Tethering using an electric cord to an outlet in unnecessary.

Cons of the Powerstroke PS80519


  • Pressure cannot be adjusted.
  • Not intended for frequent usage.
  • At the initial start-up, it can really be slow to start.
  • In some situations, it may not have the capability of reaching second story windows as well as sidings.
  • It uses cold water only and, therefore, cannot be used to clean surfaces that are oily and greasy.


Powerstroke PS80519 is the machine to go for to cater for almost all your cleaning jobs. It is easy to use and also very flexible. The most amazing feature is its impressive power delivery, which is around 2200 PSI. Together with the energy efficiency of this impressive machine, it most definitely will give you value for your money. This machine is suitable only for cold water use and it would be very prudent to use it alongside your favourite detergent to clean oily and greasy surfaces. To the people out there who want a lightweight, compact and easy to use pressure washer that is gas powered and offers a lot of power then the Powerstroke PS80519 is what you should go for. Last but not least, this pressure washer is PWMA certified and, therefore, uses an axial cam pump made of aluminium. This indicates that this Powerstroke PS80519 is not designed for frequent usage.  The Powerstroke PS80519 is worth your consideration the next time you plan on buying a pressure washer.

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