PowerBoss 20649 gas powered pressure washer

PowerBoss 20649 washer
When it comes to mighty look and power, Briggs and Stratton have got you in check with this amazing pressure washer. With a maximum 3100 PSI, there is no doubt it is the ultimate answer for all your household cleaning tasks. It runs on a GC190 Honda engine, the most trusted engine brand when it comes to pressure washer cleaning. With this power, coupled with a maintenance free axial cam pump, and the various nozzle tips, be sure to accomplish most household tasks ranging from cleaning the driveways, the decks, the yard fencing among a host of other chores in just a matter of minutes. Among the very many features that you will love is the easy to start engine and the durability offered by the unit. Gone are the days when oil leaks took hours in scrubbing and the dirty footprints marked the driveway to the main house. With PowerBoss 20649 Gas Powered Pressure washer, you are sure to use less time in cleaning while obtaining the best cleaning results at no extra effort.

Review Score
  • 85%
    Pressure (PSI) - 85%
  • 75%
    Flow Rate (GPM) - 75%
  • 80%
    Power - 80%
  • 85%
    Brand - 85%
  • 76%
    Customers Reviews - 76%


PowerBoss 20649 gas powered pressure washer is good for all your household cleaning needs.

Engine & Power

This unit features a Honda GC190 OHV engine which has a displacement capacity of 187cc which provides plenty of power for various cleaning projects. Most users have been particularly amused by its easy to start feature. The engine is reliable and quiet compared to most gas-powered pressure washers. This engine is coupled to an axial cam pump which features easy start technology as well. This technology offers easy, low effort starting which makes it more durable to deliver greater performance for a longer period of use. The maintenance free pump delivers water at a volumetric flow rate of 2.7 GPM.


The power given by this unit is one of its kind. It gives a maximum water pressure of 3100 PSI (pounds per unit square) and a volumetric flow rate of 2.7 GPM (Gallons per minute) and the cleaning speed is an average of 7750 cleaning units. With such pressure, for a consumer grade pressure washer, where this pressure washer falls; one can virtually carry out any cleaning task with no extra effort while using very minimal time. All in all, this combination is ideal for virtually all medium-duty cleaning applications.

Important features of PowerBoss 20649 Gas Powered Pressure Washer

  • An onboard detergent tank. The unit comes with a tank that can hold up to a gallon of pressure washer-safe detergent to ensure an easy application of soap on whichever cleaning task you perform.
  • A sturdy two-wheel cart. The two semi-pneumatic 10-inch tires increase the mobility of this unit and can take on a variety of terrains. The unit also has an onboard storage that keeps the hose, wand as well as the gun handy while reducing the space required to store the unit after work.
  • Has a steel spray wand with four pro-style quick connect nozzles. There are 0 degrees, 15 degrees, 40 degrees and a low-pressure nozzle tip at 65 degrees. With these, you can vary from low-pressure to high-pressure application needs according to the nature of the cleaning job ahead.
  • 25 ft. high pressure hose. This gives you a wider area to work on and minimizes unnecessary movements of the unit.
  • The product dimensions are 24 inches by 22.5 inches by 20.5 inches and weighs 62 pounds although the shipment weight is way above this due to accessories on board.

Ease of use and the noise levels

The ease of use really stands out in this product. From the manufacturer’s box, it is quite simple and direct to assemble the whole unit. Equipped with an easy to start Honda OHC engine, running the machine is just a pull away from the recoil starter. Under proper maintenance practices, the engine should keep running year after year. This unit is also compact and comes with onboard storage for most of the accessories needed, particularly the hose and the wand. Securing the hoses as well as changing the connections is quite easy. The axial cam pump is also maintenance free and comes with an easy start technology for an easy and low effort starting of the pump while increasing its durability. Since the washer is mighty, be sure to get strong handle and wheels from it as well which make portability of the unit much better. The rear of the frame is bent back towards the user to provide a more comfortable experience while using it. All in all, it is a unique gasoline powered pressure washer that is very easy to use as most of the reviewers have it.

With gasoline powered pressure washers, you expect them to be noisy while compared with their electric-powered counterparts. However, the noise levels in this machine are quite low. The Honda engines are known for their quiet and smooth operation, and this one is not an exception. It is also compact which further reduces the noise levels and make it comfortable while using it.

What do others think about this product?

Very many positive reviews have been given about this product. It is a nice product that comes at an affordable price and gives value for your money. It is very easy to use, easy to store, powerful and durable as well. At its current pricing, you will definitely get value for your money. The engine is also easy to start and long lasting. Most users are satisfied with its performance and on a rating of five, it gets an average of 4.5 stars. Almost all users recommend it to anyone wishing to acquire a pressure washer that runs on fuel, and I personally think it is a great one!

Pros and cons of PowerBoss 20649 Gas Powered Pressure Washer

Outlined below are some of the things you are going to love about this product:

  • Ease of use. It is very easy to use. The engine has an easy to start feature and does not go beyond the normal maintenance practices.
  • The unit is reliable and is made from quality materials to ensure durability. The engine is from a known brand as well as the pump. Famous manufacturers like Briggs and Stratton make products that are reliable and last a long time, and this one is not an exemption.
  • Easy to store. The unit comes with onboard storage for the hose and the ward which makes it easy to store and also occupies very minimal space.
  • An onboard detergent tank makes soap application very easy. Coupled to the four nozzle tips, the unit can be used for a variety of cleaning tasks.
  • Most people find it affordable and for the features attributed to this machine, it seems quite cheap for pressure washers this class. However, no compromise has so far been made on the quality of the unit for its price.
  • Customer service. The customer service is great according to most users, and no parts have been reported as missing in the shipment of the product.


Just as any product, here are a few disadvantages in this unit:

  • At just 25 ft. most users feel it is quite short and should have been longer to cover a wider area.
  • No adjustment has been made for the pressure levels apart from the use of the nozzle tips.


With PowerBoss 20649 Gas Powered Pressure Washer, it’s time to change your cleaning experience. It does not only give good performance but also is durable and is a perfect match for all your household cleaning needs. It is easy to operate and efficient in cleaning jobs and we can say that is the ultimate dirt fighter. Despite the very few cons attributed to this washer, it remains an incredible gas powered pressure washer from Briggs and Stratton.

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