Karcher K3 pressure washer

KarcherK3 electric pressure washer

The Karcher K3 1800 PSI electric pressure washer will complete your cleaning requirements in the shortest time possible. This electric power pressure washer has an innovative design as well as functions that will ensure you get an excellent performance which is reliable as well. This device is perfect for cleaning driveways, vehicles, patio furniture among others. Virtually all household cleaning chores can be handled by this pressure washer. This device avails and easy cleaning process free of interruptions of any kind. With the unique four wheels at the base, this pressure washer will keep following you as you clean. This Karcher K3 Follow Me pressure washer avails a pressure which is almost 35 times when compared with the pressure of your ordinary pressure washers but uses approximately 80% less water. Setting up this device is very fast and easy courtesy of the quick connect system that it features.

  • 70%
    Pressure (PSI) - 70%
  • 72%
    Flow Rate (GPM) - 72%
  • 72%
    Power - 72%
  • 77%
    Brand - 77%
  • 74%
    Customers Reviews - 74%


Karcher K3 is an acceptable pressure washer which meets most of the cleaning requirements.

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The motor and power given by the Karcher K3 Follow- Me 1800 PSI 1.3 GPM electric pressure washer

This great machine draws its power from a powerful universal electric motor. The heavy duty 13Amps, 120Volt, and 60Hz frequency universal electric motor brightens, strips, and cleans virtually all dirty surfaces. With this water resistant motor, this means that the motor gives more consistent and reliable power while it is being used.

The powerful electric universal motor delivers a water pressure of up to 1800 PSI (pounds per square inch) and a volumetric flow rate of 1.3 GPM (gallons per minute). The flow rate is somehow low for this Karcher K3 follow-Me electric pressure washer, but with the 1800 PSI, it is capable of removing almost all stubborn stains with little or no extra effort. This combination of pressure together with the flow rate is perfect for nearly all medium-duty cleaning chores.


Features of Karcher K3 Follow-Me 1800 PSI electric pressure washer

Here are some of the amazing features found on this pressure washer, with others being unique to only this model:

  • This electric pressure washer has a water pressure of up to 1800 pounds per square inch (PSI).
  • The product’s dimensions are 21 inches by 12 inches by 13 inches. It is a heavyweight electric pressure washer that weighs about 21.20 pounds only. It comes with built-in hose reel and cable holder for convenient accessory storage. The compact design minimizes the storage space.
  • The Karcher K3 Follow-Me 1800 PSI electric pressure washer has a dirt blaster turbo which is capable of cleaning  the most stubborn dirt in nooks as well as crannies
  • This pressure washer comes with several standard accessories to make your cleaning even easier. Among these accessories are the detergent tank, a high-pressure hose, a gun with quick connect and an integrated fine mesh water filter.
  • This pressure washer has a very long hose measuring 15 feet. This length is very useful in making sure that almost all the parts can be accessed so as to be cleaned.
  • The Karcher K3 Follow-Me 1800 PSI electric pressure washer also has an electrical cord measuring 35 feet.

Ease of use and noise

In a similar manner with the majority of electric pressure washers, this particular unique electric pressure washer is quite easy to operate. Starting and shutting down this device is as easy as just pushing a button. This device is also a lightweight pressure washer and follows you courtesy of the four wheels while one is using it. Dragging it along uses the least effort ever. The manoeuvrability of this device is second to none being that it is the first device of its kind to feature four wheels. No poisonous exhaust fumes are attributed with this electric pressure washer as well. Through its sleek design and inbuilt hose reel and cable holder, it requires minimum space for storage too. It is also very comfortable to use on all kinds of terrains even uneven terrains. The most amazing feature of this pressure washer is that it features four wheels making it very much portable.

The low noise levels of this electric pressure washer make it more fantastic. The Karcher K3 Follow-Me is a very quiet pressure washer perhaps due to its sleek design. The universal motor is also generally more silent, which contributes to the low noise levels experienced when using this pressure washer. Most users were quoted to have said that this pressure washer operates much quieter than they had really expected.

What others think

The majority of the reviewers are amazed by this product. It is a great pressure washer which is available at an affordable price and will obviously give you value for your money. Most users claim that it is very easy to use, very compact and easy to store as well. It performs perfectly well on most of the normal household cleaning chores. However, a few users are not entirely satisfied with the working of this machine. The 1800 PSI seems quite low and does not easily get the stubborn stains to be cleaned easily. The flow rate of 1.3 GPM is also quite low and hence makes the cleaning process somehow slow.  Most reviewers like the fact that it comes with a free dirt blaster spray wand which is capable of boosting the cleaning power by up to 80 percent.  Most reviewers only complain about the cord management which they think could have been improved.

Pros and cons of GreenWorks GW1950 electric pressure washer

Several advantages attributed to this pressure washer include the following:


  • This is the only pressure so far on the market that features four wheels. This has enhanced the portability of this device to be incomparable with any other. This coupled with its light weight makes just the ideal pressure washer.
  • This product produces no exhaust fumes that could be harmful to the user and cause respiratory problems to the users. This makes the machine to be environmental friendly.
  • This machine is multipurpose in that it can be used to clean surfaces and can also act as a water pump in that it has the capability of sucking water.
  • This device features the dirt blaster spray wand that significantly improves the cleaning power of the pressure washer by about 80 percent.
  • The product has a compact design. This ensures you can easily store it, and it requires minimal space for storage. Together with the four wheels, the metal frame, and the lightweight, it can easily be transported at no extra effort and manoeuvrability is achieved quite easily.
  • It is easy to use with minimal instructions required to operate it. It is easy to operate and is also quieter than most pressure washers.
  • The product comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer.
  • This pressure washer is capable of using up to 80% less water compared to a garden hose while at the same time delivers up to 35 times the pressure of the ordinary pressure washers.


Just like any other pressure washers, here are some of the cons attributed to this pressure washer:

  • Because this is an electric pressure washer, it uses a power cord used for supplying the power that it uses and this to some extent limits the manoeuvrability of the pressure washer. This restricts the size of the area that the pressure washer can clean.
  • The amount of pressure of 1800 pounds per square inch is somehow low for such a type of pressure washer and is not effective in cleaning some of the most stubborn stains.


The Karcher K3 Follow-Me 1800 PSI electric pressure washer is a great pressure washer that is currently available on the market at a very affordable price. It offers an incredible pressure of up to 1800 PSI, which will get almost all domestic cleaning chores completed in the shortest period of time. The pressure washer is also quite compact, lightweight, very quiet and easy to use. Even though there are a few cons attributed to this pressure washer, it remains a fantastic pressure washer from Karcher.

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