Karcher G 2700 vs Generac 6922

medium gas power washer
A medium gas power washer is one of the best choices for regular cleaning chores around the house. On one hand, it should provide the right amount of power to eliminate the flaws of electric models. On the other hand, it should be packed with the perfect features for residential use. Where can you find this optimal balance, you wonder?

Karcher G 2700 and Generac 6922 are two options you cannot ignore. Both of them could easily compete for the title of best medium gas power washer currently on the market. Consequently, we’re going to take a closer look at their technical and design features. By the end of this review, you will be fully-informed, ready to make the perfect choice for your particular needs.

Engine and power

The tradition on the market is quite important when it comes to finding the most powerful medium gas power washer. Karcher is, from this perspective, a bit more advanced than Generac, with a tradition of 75 years. The latter, however, has also been on the market for 50 years.
In technical terms, both units are powered by 4-cycle units, with the following differences:

  • Generac 6922 (click HERE to check the price on amazon.com) runs with an OHV horizontal-shaft engine, boasting 2800 PSI and 2,4 GPM. It also has a bulky 0.8-gallon fuel tank capacity, which can only mean more autonomy around the yard.
  • Karcher G 2700 (click HERE to check the price on amazon.com) runs with a Karcher KPS engine, boasting 2700 PSI and 2.5 GPM. The gas tank measures 0.26-gallon.


From a distance, it’s hard to tell which one is a lighter and easier to handle medium gas power washer.

Karcher G 2700:

  • Is lighter, with only 48.5 pounds instead of the 57 pounds of the Generac unit;
  • Comes with a folding handle, for more compact storage;
  • And features 5 quick connect nozzles, instead of only 4, like Generac has.

Generac 6922, however:

  • Takes a bit less space, measuring only 35.4×18.8×24.4 inches instead of the 23.6×21.6×39.4 inches of the Karcher unit;
  • Features larger, never-flat 10-inch wheels, instead of 8-inch pneumatic tires, like Karcher has;
  • Comes with a more ergonomic design that includes even cushion grip handle and easy-to-pull spray trigger, for less fatigue.


Still a bit early to pinpoint the most effective medium gas power washer, we can underline some previously-mentioned features.

The PSI – GPM report, which dictates the cleaning units, is slightly more favorable to the Karcher G 2700. Thanks to its higher GPM, this model seems to be a bit more effective in terms of cleaning power. Another attribute suggesting it is more effective is the extra quick nozzle it comes with, allowing for more versatility.

Last but not least, Karcher engines are known as extremely reliable products manufactured in the U.S. The Generac 6922 model, even though featuring a decent OHV engine, is paired with an axial pump made in China.

The extended warranty provided by Karcher can also indicate that its medium gas power washer is more effective and durable.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The main advantages of the Generac 6922 model compared to its competitor:

  • It is smaller and with a more ergonomic design;
  • It sits on larger wheels and is easier to maneuver on all kinds of surfaces;
  • This power washer is equipped with a larger fuel tank, allowing you to keep it working for an extended period of time;
  • It is CARB compliant and eco-friendly.

As downsides:

  • It is heavier;
  • The the pump is manufactured in China;
  • It has fewer nozzles and a smaller fuel tank;
  • It comes with a shorter warranty, 2-year limited warranty, 1 year for parts and 2 years for the engine.

The main advantages of the Karcher G 2700 model:

  • It has more cleaning units and enhanced effectiveness;
  • It has more quick-connect nozzles, therefore, it gives you more flexibility in tackling different cleaning surfaces;
  • This washer is lighter and with a foldable design;
  • It has a more generous warranty, 2 years for the parts and 3 years for the engine;

The only downsides, as it turns out, are that:

  • It sits on smaller wheels, so it might be a tad more difficult to push around;
  • It has a smaller fuel tank, so you might have to do the refill more often.


We’ve come to decide which one is the best medium gas power washer… Considering the entire above, there is no wonder that Karcher is considered the world’s best-selling brand of pressure washers.

The Karcher G 2700 seems to be the better choice as a medium gas power washer for so many reasons. From its performance-driven 196cc engine to the 3-year warranty for the engine and pump, there’s a lot to appreciate. Facts, as well as users’ reviews, speak for it.

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