GreenWorks GW1950 electric power washer

The GreenWorks GW1950 will get your cleaning done in a matter of minutes. With its innovative design and functions, you are sure to get greater performance that is reliable. It does almost all domestic cleaning tasks, thanks to the induction motor that gives all the required power to achieve this. With the various nozzle tips, it can accomplish various tasks ranging from cleaning the driveways, the decks, the yard fencing among a host of other chores. However, the power delivered is not quite enough to support the usage of the pressure washer on commercial purposes, just as expected of most electric pressure washers.

  • 68%
    Pressure (PSI) - 68%
  • 70%
    Flow Rate (GPM) - 70%
  • 72%
    Power - 72%
  • 80%
    Brand - 80%
  • 86%
    Customers Reviews - 86%


GreenWorks GW1950 electic pressure washer is one of the most easy to handle power washers. With great customer reviews this machine can clean the dirt from driveways, the decks, the yard fencing and more.

The motor and power given by GreenWorks GW1950 electric pressure washer

The machine draws its juice from a powerful induction motor. The heavy duty 13 Amp induction motor strips, brightens and cleans almost any surface. This water resistant motor means it gives more consistent power while using it. The induction motors are usually much less squeaky and offer a much longer service life when compared to other universal motors.

The powerful induction motor gives a water pressure of up to 1950 PSI (pounds per square inch) and a volumetric flow rate of 1.2 GPM (gallons per minute). The flow rate is quite low for this electric pressure washer, but with the 1950 PSI, it can remove almost any stubborn stains with no extra effort. This combination of pressure and flow rate is ideal for almost all medium-duty cleaning application.

Features of GreenWorks GW1950 electric pressure washer

Here are some of the amazing features found on this pressure washer, others unique to this model only:

  • 4 quick connect nozzles: with these four nozzles, it accommodates almost any cleaning job description that you have. These nozzles range from the turbo nozzle (0 degree), 25 degrees, 40 degrees and a soap nozzle. This will help you switch among the various nozzle tips according to the nature of your job.
  • 25 ft. Non-marring high-pressure hose: this gives a wide area to work on and adds to the flexibility of the washer. It also has a convenient storage reel that allows for an easy storage after use.
  • The pressure washer is fitted with a 35 ft. GFCI safety power cord which means it covers a sizeable area outdoors. The GFCI plug protects against hazards of ground fault currents but does not protect against short circuits, overloads or shock.
  • It has streamlined on-board dual detergent tanks for easy soap application using the soap nozzle tip.
  • It uses an axial cam pump, which is quite convenient for homeowner use.
  • The pressure washer comes with several accessories to make your cleaning even easier. Among them are the wand, a gun handle, nozzle tips and a detailed user’s manual.
  • The power washer comes in a rugged metal frame design that incorporates two 8 in. wheels. This coupled with its lightweight means easy portability of the pressure washer. It can also be easily manoeuvred even on narrow paths. However, its portability is hindered on very uneven terrains as the handle is not ergonomically designed for that.
  • The product dimensions are 21.1 inches by 18.5 inches by 12 inches. It is a lightweight electric pressure washer that weighs about 44.7 pounds only. It comes with built-in hose reel and cable holder for convenient accessory storage. The compact design minimizes the storage space.

Ease of use and noise

Just like is the case for most electric pressure washers, it is quite easy to operate it. From the manufacturer’s box, it is easy to assemble the various parts by following the detailed user’s guide. Starting or shutting down the machine is as easy as just pushing a button. It is also lightweight and requires minimal effort to drag it along. Together with the two wheels, it makes it easy to manoeuvre through the corners and get to the edge of the house for thorough cleaning of the entire place. No poisonous exhaust fumes are attributed with electric pressure washers as well. Through its sleek design and inbuilt hose reel and cable holder, it requires minimum space for storage too. However, it is a bit uncomfortable to use on uneven terrains.

One amazing feature of this pressure washer is its noise levels. It is a very quiet pressure washer maybe because of its sleek design. The induction motor is also generally quieter, which contributes to the low noise levels in this machine. Reviewers are quoted to say that it runs much quieter than they really expected.

What others think

Most reviewers are amazed by this product. It is a good pressure washer at an affordable price and gives value for your money. Most people claim it is very easy to use, very compact and easy to store. It works well on many normal household cleaning tasks. The unit is also easy to assemble and has low noise levels. However, a few users are not fully satisfied with its working. The 1950 PSI seems quite low and does not get the stubborn stains to leave easily. The rate of 1.2 GPM is also low and hence makes the cleaning quite slow. Other users had issues regarding frequent tripping of circuit breakers. A reviewer who had recently installed a 15 Amps GFCI breaker in his garage was quite disappointed because it kept tripping whenever he turned this machine on, leading to a stop on other electrical appliances in the garage. However, most people who have used it would recommend it to anyone willing to buy an electric pressure washer.

Pros and cons of GreenWorks GW1950 electric pressure washer

Several advantages attributed to this pressure washer include the following:

  • The product has a compact design, which comes with a cable holder and a hose reel. This ensures you can easily store it, and it requires minimal space. Together with the wheels, the metal frame, and the lightweight, you can easily transport it at no extra effort and manoeuvrability is achieved quite easily.
  • The unit comes with useful accessories that make the cleaning work quite easier. The four nozzle tips included increase the versatility of the unit. The dual soap tanks store and ensure easy application of detergent whenever needed. The power cable and the hose lengths give a wider cleaning area.
  • It is easy to use with minimal instructions required. It is easy to assemble and also quieter than most pressure washers.
  • The product comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer.


Just like any other machine, here are some of its disadvantages:

  • The wheels of this pressure washer are quite small. This together with the short wheelbase makes it quite unstable when you move it around the yard, especially where the terrain is not even.
  • Some reviewers said it had some electrical issues. For most of these reviewers who had an issue with its electrical application claimed that it caused frequent circuit breaker tripping even when the wiring was done appropriately.
  • Other reviewers claimed it started developing problems shortly after the warranty expired. The most common of these was the failure of the machine to start or shutting down after a short while.
  • The spray hose given is quite short, and only a small area is covered. However, one can increase the high-pressure washer to the required lengths; hence, that is not much of a bother.


The GreenWorks GW1950 electric pressure washer is a good pressure washer that is currently available in the market at an affordable price. It offers an incredible pressure of up to 1950 PSI, which will get almost any domestic cleaning chores completed in quite a short period of time. The pressure washer is also compact, lightweight, quite quiet and easy to use. Despite the few cons attributed to this machine, it remains a great pressure washer from Sunrise Global Marketing, LLC.

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