GreenWorks GPW1702 electric pressure washer review

GreenWorks GPW1702
The name of GreenWorks says it all as wherever you’re looking for some outdoor machinery, you will bump into it. But when it comes to choosing an electric pressure washer, it has a special ace up the sleeve. GreenWorks is a Pressure Washer Manufacturers’ Association certified member. This means that all its products from this category are independently controlled and validated by a third-party. When you buy from them, the maximum pressure and water flow as presented by the manufacturer are verified and certified.

The GreenWorks GPW1702 that we’re about to look into is advertised as ideal for light to mid-duty applications. From cleaning windows and cars to decks and patios or outdoor furniture pieces, it could be a great help. So, let’s see what exactly you can get from it.

Review Score
  • 65%
    Pressure (PSI) - 65%
  • 68%
    Flow Rate (GPM) - 68%
  • 76%
    Power - 76%
  • 85%
    Brand - 85%
  • 76%
    Customers Reviews - 76%


GreenWorks GPW1702 is easy to use and good for small cleaning tasks.

GreenWorks GPW1702 engine

This electric pressure washer works with a 13-amp universal motor. For an equipment designed to work with water, the fact that it is water-resistant is a nice addition. It should facilitate a prolonged life and more consistent power.

Speaking of power, GreenWorks GPW1702 can deliver up to 1.2 gallons of water flow per minute. This 1.2 GMP coupled with a 1700 PSI should do a decent job with all kinds of surfaces. In any case, regular dirt and grime will easily go away with it.

Other features of GreenWorks GPW1702

So far, we know the general cleaning capabilities of its universal motor and the axial pump. The unit comes with a 35-ft power cord. The cord presents inline GFCI, which makes it suitable to use with all the exterior outlets. And the water should be directed through a 25-ft high-pressure hose sitting on a reel when out of function. Aside from the hose, the power cord can be rolled and sit straight on the unit, on a special support.

What you can easily notice, however, is that GreenWorks GPW1702 features two quick-connect tips, the ones of 25° and 40°. And instead of the dedicated soap nozzle, there’s a soap applicator attached on the outer side of the unit.

GreenWorks GPW1702 design features

For an electric pressure washer, GreenWorks GPW1702 comes with a compact and lightweight design, just as expected. The general assembly is very easy and intuitive. All the components of the package put together, it should:

  • Measure 11.22 x 24.02 x 13.19 inches;
  • And weigh 22.65 pounds.

An interesting design feature, resulting from its technical distribution as well, is the capability to stand both vertically and horizontally. When in use, with the high-pressure hose and power cord rolled off, it should perfectly sit any way you want. Also, storing it on horizontal or vertical, if you want it to take up less space, is doable.

For enhanced robustness and durability, the threads of GreenWorks GPW1702 are made of metal and surrounded by plastic knobs.

Ease of use and noise

This electric pressure washer was designed to be easy and silent. The unit is handy to put together and easy to move around or to have it sit on any surface. On horizontal or vertical, it sits well, works well, and certainly doesn’t make more noise than a lawnmower.

GreenWorks GPW1702 customer reviews

When it comes to analyzing the GreenWorks GPW1702 customer reviews, there are two general tendencies to notice. Most buyers would declare themselves happy with it. For the price that it requires and the convenience it provides, the 1700 PSI are widely appreciated. As they say, it’s good enough to do standard work without you worrying that it will strip off the paint.

There are a few negative reviews as well, though, most of them, prove one thing. When the buyer doesn’t carefully read the setup instructions, there are a couple of things that can go wrong. The customer support, however, seems very reliable and eager to answer even to those complaints.

One thing that more experienced users tend to warn the first-time buyers about, has to do with the first start. The water should run through this electric pressure washer a few minutes before powering it up.

But perhaps the most notable and justified complaint about the GreenWorks GPW1702 has to do with the storage. The fact that the hosing must be fully disconnected for keeping the reel all neat is not very practical. Also, the soap reservoir seems to be a bit flimsy, sitting overly exposed on one side of the unit.

Pros and cons of this electric pressure washer

Buying and using this unit for your everyday household chores is great because:

  • It is small and lightweight;
  • GPW1702 is electrical and requires minimal maintenance;
  • It sits both horizontally and vertically;
  • This washer has great customer support;
  • It is Pressure Washer Manufacturers’ Association certified.

On the other hand, GreenWorks GPW1702:

  • Has no soap nozzle and no built-in soap tank, only a separate reservoir;
  • It only has two quick-connect tips, instead of 4 or 5, like other units;
  • It is manufactured in China and has a relatively short warranty.

GreenWorks GPW1702 warranty terms

The relatively short warranty that we just mentioned above refers to only 1 year. As expected, a GreenWorks GPW1702 electric pressure washer is covered by warranty:

  • When used exclusively for personal, residential purposes;
  • When used in accordance with the owner’s manual instructions.

Should you decide to rent it or use it for industrial or commercial purposes, you can expect the lose warranty. The same goes if any parts got broken due to neglect, misuse, accidents, improper maintenance or commercial use.


GreenWorks GPW1702 is the perfect electric pressure washer by definition. Compact, light, and silent, very effective for light-duty tasks. But mid to heavy duty cleaning tasks would certainly require more power. And there are obviously other electric units on the market with more power and features.

Nevertheless, this model comes from a reputable manufacturer, it is certified and extremely affordable. It is a great unit, considering its features, capabilities, and price. The only question to ask yourself is if you need help for light-duty tasks only or you need something stronger.

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