Generac 6922 gas power washer

Generac 6922 gas pressure washer
Generac is a pioneer in the field of residential power washer units with over 50 years on the market. The Generac 6922 washer is the second in a series of four gas power washer models from the same manufacturer. All the models in this line feature the same engine and pump model. They have relatively the same weight and the same GPM. But it’s the PSI that makes the difference, this particular model scoring 2800 PSI.

According to the manufacturer, this Generac power washer 6922 washer was built for residential purposes. It boasts just the right cleaning power, with the added benefits of reliability and ease of use. The design also looks compact, from a distance. However, we would like to go beyond the appearances. Let’s take a good look at what is behind all the sellers’ great marketing efforts.

  • 79%
    Pressure (PSI) - 79%
  • 72%
    Flow Rate (GPM) - 72%
  • 79%
    Engine - 79%
  • 80%
    Brand - 80%
  • 88%
    Customers Reviews - 88%


Generac 6922 is well regarded by customers because is ideal for medium duty residential cleaning tasks.

The Generac 6922 washer engine

The engine is one of the first things that people look into when considering buying a gas power washer. With Generac 6922 washer, you get an OHV horizontal-shaft engine. The 4-cycle gas engine that works with unleaded gas has two great assets to take into account:

  1. It is manufactured by Generac;
  2. It goes out from the company’s production line in Wisconsin, USA.

To sum up, the unit boasts an USA-made engine with recoil start that supports and generates:

  • 2800 PSI
  • 2,4 GPM
  • 6720 cleaning units

Of course, this particularly performant engine will be nothing without a water pump that will match its powerful traits. Coming up next, more details on all the other technical details, starting with the pump.

Other features of the Generac 6922 washer

We promised to begin with the pump, though the next information might cast some shadow… So, it comes with an axial cam pump, which is said to be perfectly positioned above the ground. At the same level with the engine, for quick and ease connections, it is also well-balanced over the axle. This equilibrium is very important for improving the maneuverability of the entire gas power washer.

The controversial issue here is that the pump is the only component of the Generac 6922 washer manufactured in China. This, of course, can easily turn off everyone trying to stay away from all the Chinese-manufactured products.

Other than that, this product comes with:

  • 3 multi-pattern nozzles and individual tips – 0-degree, 25-degree, 40-degree – plus a separate soap nozzle;
  • Universal quick connect wand/nozzle systems;
  • 5-inch gallon, on-board stored tank for the detergent;
  • 8-gallon fuel tank capacity;
  • 25-foot high-pressure hose easy to connect to the back of the spray gun.

Generac 6922 washer design features

From a distance, the Generac 6922 washer seems to carry a very simple and practical design. The entire package that should be delivered to your front door will weight around 65 pounds. Unpacking will leave you with a 57-pound unit measuring 35.4 x 18.8 x 24.4 inches when fully assembled.

As you will soon discover, it will only require a simple assembly, without any kind of tools. Suffices to clip on the handle and the hook that will hold the hose and you’re done.

Most would agree that this particular model was designed with ergonomics in mind, as it features:

  • Quick-change nozzle tips that snap on very fast and help you to significantly reduce the time between different cleaning tasks;
  • Soft but firm cushion grip handle that enhances the comfort during use;
  • Easy-to-pull spray trigger that will require a minimal effort on your side, thus reducing the fatigue;
  • Stable and easy to maneuver on any kind of terrain, 10-inch never-flat wheels;
  • Compact horizontal-shaft engine with all the connections easily accessible, so you don’t have to kneel on the ground for it;
  • A single, general location for all the controls of the Generac 6922 washer, On/Off, fuel shutoff, choke included.

Ease of use and noise

With all the details provided above, it becomes obvious that this gas power washer is particularly easy to use:

  • Fast hose connection;
  • Fast nozzle tip changes;
  • Easy to pull or push on any kind of terrain;
  • Fast and intuitive assembly;
  • Separate oil and gas tanks that require no mixing together;
  • User-friendly controls all available in a single, common location.

As for the noise level that a Generac 6922 washer can produce, it is pretty low. Low enough to allow you to talk without shouting while it’s working. You will notice that the noise is louder when pulling the hand nozzle and running the engine at higher RPM. But the lever release and the RPM’s drop off will make the sound comparable to the one of a mower. A mower turned on, but without any load on it, to be more specific.

Generac 6922 washer customer reviews

Rated as one of the best choices for household duties, this model enjoys quite a lot of positive reviews. Our readers appreciate the fact that it is a very compact, light and easy to use. So easy that you can tote it up and down the stairs and clean your wooden decks with it.

The engine, with its significantly larger displacement compared to other units, generates a lot of power. It suits to all kinds of chores around the house, provided you’re not looking to perfectly scrub a second-story wall. That’s where some of our readers had to complain of it…

Sure, it has a long hose that should let you get up there. But the performances are lower compared to cleaning on the ground level. Moreover, what is generally an advantage – the lightweight design – can also turn into a reason for discontent. Because it is so light, the unit needs to be held in place when you pull the starter rope. Consequently, some readers would have appreciated a foot peg or something to secure it in place.

Pros and cons of this gas power washer

If we were to sum up the entire above, the obvious benefits of a Generac 6922 washer are the following:

  • It enjoys the reputation of a great manufacturer from the USA;
  • It provides you with enhanced mobility, comfort, and ease of access to hose and connectors;
  • This Generac power washer is easy to use, with all its separate tanks for gas, oil, and soap;
  • It is versatile and compatible with any kind of surface – house walls, tires and rims, cement, bricks or patios;
  • This washer is eco-friendly and CARB compliant.

As for the downsides of this particular gas power washer, we can barely find some issues to complain of:

  • It only works with cold water as no hot water use is recommended;
  • The water pump is made overseas;
  • The warranty is limited and it only covers the engine in the second year;
  • It may not be so effective when trying to clean a second story wall for a new painting job.

Warranty terms for the Generac 6922 washer

With the Generac 6922 washer being particularly conceived for consumer applications, it comes with a two-year limited warranty.

  • The first year of warranty is for defects of labor and parts on all the components;
  • The second year of warranty is for defects of parts, applied exclusively to the major components of the engine.

This gas power washer will benefit from the described warranty terms only when used within personal, residential households. Even personal, recreational use is accepted, but any application in commercial or rental properties will automatically void the warranty!

Other important terms that will keep in place the warranty of a Generac 6922 washer include:

  • Examination, inspection and testing of a malfunctioning gas power washer must be performed by Generac/Generac Authorized Warranty Service Dealer only.
  • Transportation and delivery to the authorized service costs should be prepaid by the purchaser or owner of the product.
  • Repairs/replacements within the first two years from the purchase won’t extend in any way the original warranty period;
  • Repairs performed under warranty will benefit from warranty only for the remaining original warranty period;
  • The warranty cannot be transferred from the original purchaser to anyone else and requires a proof-of-purchase receipt. In the absence of that proof-of-purchase receipt, the warranty period start date will be calculated by the product shipping date.
  • The Generac 6922 washer warranty won’t apply for:

    • Regular maintenance and adjustment costs;
    • Failure caused by improper operation:
      • Water pump started on the wrong water flow or pressure;
      • Water freezing in the pump after not being drained out at the end of the season;
      • Use of the wrong oil or fuel types etc;
    • Failure caused by normal wear and tear;
    • Failure caused by inappropriate storage and rodent or insect infestation damages;
    • Repairs or diagnostics posed by any dealer that has no written authorization from the manufacturer.


    As mentioned, the Generac 6922 washer is size 2 in a series of 4 models. All its features present it as ideal for medium duty residential cleaning tasks. If you’re not planning to strip paint or wash at over 5-feet distances, this gas power washer is a champ. And a very affordable one, if you consider its price!

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