Generac 6921 (2,500 PSI) Review

generac 6921 pressure washer
Gone are the days when people did their cleaning using the traditional rags, brushes and mops. With the Generac 6921 2,500 PSI pressure washer, you will obviously significantly reduce the amount of time you take doing your cleaning chores. The Generac 6921 2,500 PSI pressure washer will allow you to experience the cleaning efficiency availed by 2500 PSI pressure power of water. This Generac 6921 2,500 pressure washer does not only save time in cleaning but also saves energy having an ergonomic spray gun, easy access hose connections, and a stability foot rest. This machine is very flexible and very stable as well. With this power washer, you are assured of appropriate cleaning power, ease of use and reliability in an affordable compact power washer which cleans virtually everything from driveways, patio furniture, and even decks. This is achieved by featuring a powerful 196cc OHV horizontal shaft engine.

Review Score
  • 80%
    Pressure (PSI) - 80%
  • 73%
    Flow Rate (GPM) - 73%
  • 77%
    Engine - 77%
  • 80%
    Brand - 80%
  • 88%
    Customers Reviews - 88%


Generac 6921 is a pretty powerful pressure washer with many good reviews from customers.The manoeuvrability is very easy and it can be used even by inexperienced people.

Engine and power

The engine is one of its kind. This engine is started manually having the recoil starting system and has a fuel On/Off switch. It is among some of the powerful engines in this class of pressure washers. The engine is a 196cc OHV engine, manufactured by the Generac themselves. The recommended oil to be used with this engine is SAE 30 or 10W30. It is made from quality materials and thus durable. Reviewers are generally contended by the power given by this engine and actually say it’s among the most reliable engines ever.

The power delivered by this washer gives a maximum water pressure of 2500 pounds per square inch (PSI) and a volumetric flow rate of 2.5 GPM. With a pressure of over 2500 PSI, it can provide 8400 cleaning units. With the 2500 PSI, this is already a residential pressure washer. It cleans virtually everything in the house in a matter of minutes.


Features of Generac 6921 2,500 PSI

This pressure washer offers some unique features that make it stand out of other regular pressure washers. Here are some of them:

  • Powerful Engine: This is among the most outstanding features of the Generac 6921 2,500 PSI pressure washer. The Generac 196 cc OHV engine is very powerful and offers high-quality cleaning performance and is very reliable as well.
  • Better handle grip: The ergonomic handle grip also ensures that you use the pressure washer comfortably and gives you the control that you need when operating the machine.
  • Pump design: This pressure washer is designed in the United States of America for rugged terrain. This machine features an axial cam pump. The position of the pump is conveniently above the ground so you can work with easy-access hose connections without having to bend or kneel down. The compact design also ensures a very minimum storage space is required to store the unit in a shed or garage. However, this pump requires proper maintenance to serve longer
  • Nozzle tips: the pressure washer comes with four nozzle tips, one at 0 degrees, another one at 25 degrees, a 40 degree tip and a soap quick-click nozzle tip. These four allow you to tackle almost any cleaning job. While cleaning your car, you can comfortably switch seamlessly between the 40 degrees and the soap nozzle to get the job done and eliminate the need for interchanging the attachments. With the 0 degree nozzle, you get to do the tougher cleaning jobs with a lot of ease.
  • Stabilizing footrest: This ensures that the unit is stable and steady ensuring a very smooth pull apart and during start up.
  • Never flat tires: The unit has two oversized never flat tires which give better mobility and stability on rugged terrain.
  • It has a 20 feet long high-pressure M22 water hose that increases the overall cleaning area.
  • User-friendly controls: The controls of this machine are very user-friendly and can be operated by anyone whether an experienced user or a new user. The engine controls are easily accessible and include the On/Off, fuel shut-off and choke controls.
  • Warranty: The Generac 6921 2,500 pressure washer comes with a limited 2-year warranty.
  • Customer Support: This machine has one of the best customer support services in the world operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year round.

Ease of use and noise

This is one of the pressure washers that are operated in a simple and easy manner. With the easily accessible AR axial cam pump, there is no need of kneeling while attaching the hoses. The oversized nonflat tires improve the mobility of the machine, and user-friendly controls simplify how to control this machine making it very easy to use this pressure washer. It also has the Ergonomic Generac spray gun having a 20feet lance with a soft grip as well as an easy-pull inverted fulcrum trigger that reduces fatigue.

This powerful machine is quite louder as compared to washers from other brands like Honda. This pressure washer generally produces more loud noise.

What others think

Most people who have used this pressure washer generally like this pressure washer because if offers great power that ensures all cleanings are done as required. Most people like the oversized non-flat tires of this machine, and this makes its manoeuvrability very easy. Most reviewers like the fact that this machine can be easily assembled and has user-friendly controls that ensure that even inexperienced people can comfortably use the machine productively. On general it has received a rating of 4.4 stars out of the possible 5 stars. Some reviewers on Amazon though complain about its high noise levels. Other reviewers also complain about the poor response of the customer care services and

Pros and cons of Generac 6921 2500 PSI.


Here are some of the advantages associated with this pressure washer.

  • The presence of the properly designed oversized non-flat wheels making the mobility of the machine even in rugged terrain very efficient.
  • It has four quick tip nozzle tips that are easily reachable of 0 degrees and 40 degrees together with a soap applicator.
  • It has a 0.75-gallon detergent tank attached to it making sure your soap is kept with the machine and not separately.
  • The pressure washer is long lasting.
  • Operating this pressure washer is very easy. It has user-friendly controls.
  • It has incredible power capabilities provided the 196cc OHV Generac engine.


Just like any other pressure washer, the Generac 6921 2,500 PSI has some drawbacks. The major ones include the following:

  • The pressure washer produces a lot of noise while being operated.
  • The pressure washer does not meet the CARB requirements and, therefore, cannot be sold in some places.
  • Cannot be used for commercial purposes.


The Generac 6921 2,500 PSI pressure washer is one of a great quality. This pressure washer is all you need to sort out almost all your cleaning tasks. Thanks to this pressure washer, each and every individual homeowner and renter can now live a stress-free life having in mind that all their cleaning tasks can be easily tackled to completion. All one is required to have is enough room to operate the machine, a constant supply water line and within no time, you shall have had all your cleaning chores done using the Generac 6921.

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