Generac 6565 4,200 PSI Review

Generac 6565 4,200 PSI 4.0 GPM

Our quick overview for Generac 6565

The Generac 6565 4,200 PSI 4.0 gas pressure washer features a powerful Generac OHV engine to deliver an incredible 4,200 PSI. Fitted with a professional-grade triplex pump, you are ready to take on any major cleaning job. With the gas powered engine, it is particularly designed for commercial purposes. With the level of torque given by this machine; any stain or dirt, no matter how tough it is, will be removed in a matter of minutes or even seconds. It can be used for cleaning a variety of surfaces. Painters will use it to remove paints and stains when preparing for painting. Car washers will use it to remove dirt on any part of the car. It can be used to clean the decks, patio, outdoor structures and furniture as well.

Review Score
  • 97%
    Pressure (PSI) - 97%
  • 90%
    Flow Rate (GPM) - 90%
  • 93%
    Engine&Power - 93%
  • 90%
    Brand - 90%
  • 88%
    Customers Reviews - 88%


With a powerful Generac OHV engine this pressure washer can help you for major cleaning jobs. Is very much used for commercial purposes and most of the people are considering this to be a very powerful power washer.

User Review
9/10 (1 vote)

Engine and power generated by the Generac 6565 4,200 PSI

This pressure washer uses a gasoline engine. The engine is a 420cc Generac OHV horizontal shaft engine. This engine is designed to give maximum cleaning performance and reliability. It is also designed to have a longer service life, provided the instructions are followed as required. The unit is also equipped with a low-oil shutdown to ensure the engine is protected against operating on insufficient oil.

This engine coupled to the pro-grade pump through a direct drive delivers a very powerful jet, with a pressure of up to 4,200 pounds per square inch (PSI) and a flow rate of up to 4 gallons per minute (GPM). With this power, it is properly equipped to deal with virtually all commercial cleaning tasks that are present.

Features of this power washer

Here are some of the features of Generac 6565 4,200 PSI 4.0 gas pressure washer

  • Professional-grade triplex pump: this pump that features ceramic-coated pistons is designed for long life as well as carrying out heavy duties. When properly maintained, it can give up to 4 times longer life than the axial cam pumps.
  • Oversized pneumatic tires: the 12-inch diameter pneumatic wheels let you access even the most rugged terrain within the house, at the farm or the workplace. They absorb shock and give you easy maneuverability as well.
  • The folding handle: this feature ensures the unit takes even less space in your garage during storage and also makes the transportation of the whole unit easier.
  • Pressure control valve: this feature gives you freedom to choose the right water pressure required for a given cleaning application.
  • Brass quick change fittings: this makes you hose connections much easier and quickly. It also minimizes on water leakages that are present while using plastic fittings.
  • Five quick connect nozzle tips: these accessories that come with the pressure washer give you freedom to choose between 0 degree, 15 degree, 40 degrees, and soap nozzle tip according to the nature of the cleaning job to be taken
  • Professional spray gun: this spray gun comes with cushion grip and an easy-to-pull trigger which gives comfort to the user and reduces fatigue during extended use of the pressure washer. It also comes with an adjustable side handle that gives precise control.
  • 50-inch steel-reinforced hose. This high-pressure non-marring hose is durable and will not leave scuff marks. With this extended length, you get to enjoy a wider cleaning area as well.
  • Welded roll cage frame: this frame ensures the engine and the pump are mounted properly to give the required stability. It also provides grab bars that make lifting easier.
  • Low-oil shutdown sensor: this safety measure ensures the engine is protected from operating at low oil levels.
  • The product dimensions are 34.5 inches by 28.3 inches by 42.5 inches. This unit from the Generac Power Systems Inc. weighs approximately 146.5 pounds

Ease of use and noise levels for this Generac 6565

The unit is quite easy to use. Following the instructions on the brief assembly required will get it running within minutes. The unit also comes with an adjustable pressure valve to give you the control of pressure needed for the cleaning job at hand. It also comes with an ergonomically designed spray gun to give you comfort when using for a longer period of time. The trigger also requires hardly any squeeze to get the water out at the required pressure. With the various nozzle tips, you have the freedom to choose the most suitable for the current job. With the detergent siphon hose and the soap nozzle, application of detergent is made quite easy. The unit uses a recoil starter to get it running. Some reviewers state that it may take over five pulls to get it started for the first time. The unit is also a bit bulky, and this hinders its mobility in some instances.

Just like any other gasoline operated pressure washer, this unit produces some degree of noise. The Generac engine has been designed to reduce noise levels but still not the best. However, its compact design help lowers the noise levels. In term of the noise produced by this unit, I give it a star rating of 4 out of five.

Pros and cons of Generac 6565 4,200 PSI 4.0 gas power washer

Here are some of the advantages attributed to this pressure washer:


  • Very powerful: the pressure washer can raise the water pressure at the hose up to 4,200 PSI and a flow rate of 4 GPM. This combination of pressure and flow makes it suitable for heavy duty cleaning applications and most appropriate for commercial purposes.
  • Up to four times longevity offered by the pump. When properly maintained, the triplex pump is durable and may last up to four times the ordinary cam pumps. The triplex pump can also be rebuilt quite easily.
  • Wider area coverage by the hose pipe: the 50-feet long steel-reinforced hose enables you to cover larger cleaning area. You can carry out all your cleaning operations without any need to drag the unit along.
  • Two oversized wheels and the welded frame: the two pneumatic tires maintain a high traction with the ground. Together with the welded frame onto which the pump and engine are mounted, it offers good stability to the unit. The two also give an easier transportation and maneuver of the unit.
  • The pressure washer also comes with a 3-year limited warranty to the buyers.


  • Several users have reported that there are fuel leakages from this unit.
  • Several parts assembled poorly, most particularly the bearings on the wheels
  • Sometimes, it was difficult to get it started; taking to over five pulls in some instances. The frame is also poorly located with respect to the recoil starter position.
  • The unit is a bit loud; several users have complained about its noise levels


This Generac 6565 4,200 PSI, 4.0 gas pressure washer, is a good washer pressure that gives an incredible 4,200 PSI and 4GPM. A combination of this pressure and flow rate will do almost any cleaning job. It is suitable for business, commercial establishments or individuals to carry out various domestic cleaning jobs. With the professional-grade triplex pump, a Generac OHV horizontal shaft engine, the 50-inch non-marring rubber hose, and 12 inch pneumatic wheels; Generac 6565 4,200 PSI 4.0 gas pressure washer will take you on almost any cleaning task. Although it has its own disadvantages, it will give you value for your money.

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