Ford FPWEF2.1 pressure washer review

Ford FPWEF2.1 power washer review
Ford FPWEF2.1 is the type of electric pressure washer that generates interest from a distance. While many are attracted by the Ford name on its label, the product is actually built “under license”. At least that’s what it writes on the unit, not to mention that many sellers confirm it’s manufactured in China.

While this doesn’t necessarily look like a great start for a review, Ford FPWEF2.1 comes in different configurations. You can find it with different PSI and rate flows, as either gas or electric powered washers. The price isn’t very high and many people already confirmed it does a pretty good job with various cleaning tasks.

So, let us leave all the prejudices aside and put this model under scrutiny. As mentioned, we’re going to have a look at the electric model with the lowest engine configuration. If this one will pass the test, you can definitely consider any other configuration, with gas included.

Review Score
  • 65%
    Pressure (PSI) - 65%
  • 72%
    Flow Rate (GPM) - 72%
  • 75%
    Power - 75%
  • 85%
    Brand - 85%
  • 92%
    Customers Reviews - 92%


Ford FPWEF2.1 is very well regarded by customers and is ideal for cleaning automobiles but not only.

Ford FPWEF2.1 engine

The model has relatively small dimensions, but the engine makes up for it. The motor, clocked at 120V, 60Hz and 13.5A, boasts PSI and GPM values comparable to the AR Blue Clean AR112. From its 1800 maximum PSI and 1.5 GPM rate flow, it supports up to 2880 cleaning units.

Considering that there are quite a few pricey gasoline units with similar CU values, Ford FPWEF2.1 looks good. For an electric pressure washer, these features and output capabilities can certainly make you want to look for more info.

Other features of Ford FPWEF2.1

When it comes to tech features and their connection to the overall performances, Ford FPWEF2.1 can brag with:

  • 4 different nozzles that you can switch however you need: Turbo, HP stream, wide fan, soap;
  • Dispersed spray patterns, low-pressure chemical stream and high pressure turbo positions;
  • Four-position select wand with patented technology;
  • Integrated Total Stop System;
  • High-pressure hose of 25-feet and onboard hose storage reel;
  • Power cord with GFCI overload protection included, at 35-feet, and cord wrap;
  • Thermal relief valve at 60 Celsius degrees;
  • Onboard removable soap tank;
  • UL and CSA certifications.

Electric pressure washer design

As you’ve probably noticed from the product photos, Ford FPWEF2.1 is locked inside an upright housing standing on wheels. Taken out of the box, the unit is mostly assembled, with only a couple of minor things to attach. Within 10 to 20 minutes, depending on whether you’re a technical person or not, it should be ready to work. After all, this electric pressure washer comes with a comprehensive user manual and a handy quick-start guide.

What you’ll get is a 24.5-pound unit measuring 14 x 11.5 x 35.5 inches. The high-pressure hose of 25-feet will match like a glove to the onboard hose storage reel. Speaking of onboard, it also carries a special detergent container, removable every time when you want to clean it. The four-position select wand is Ford’s patented feature. And the colored nozzles for water with the black nozzle for soap are very easy to use.

This is a compact unit, with both the hose and the cord easy to wrap around their special stands. Pushing it around the yard on its two wheels will be extremely comfortable.

Ease of use and noise

Ease of use is pretty obvious for this compact Ford FPWEF2.1 with non-retractable handle and extremely useful onboard support. Both the hose and the cord can be wrapped up around their special stands. Pushing it around the yard on its two wheels will be extremely comfortable. Changing nozzles is simple and intuitive. There’s nothing much to say about it other than that it matches most expectations.

The noise level, however, may not be the lowest that you can get on the market. Our readers, for instance, often compare it to the sound of a lawn mower or snow blower.

Ford FPWEF2.1 customer reviews

So, we’ve seen what the manufacturer has to offer. Now let’s have a look at what other people have to say about it. From a distance, feedback is generally positive on everything regarding the construction, the features and the initial operation. Many would praise the turbo tip, as a great addition making a clear difference when trying to clean dirtier surfaces.

Even our readers who experienced some kind of problems with the Ford FPWEF2.1, rate their customer support as Excellent.
One drawback that people do complain of is the sensibility of the pump. Apparently, if you don’t have a good water flow, the unit may not work flawlessly. So, faucets with less pressure are definitely not the best option to serve as water source.
Other malfunctions would refer to some leaky fittings or the hose not being turned on all the way. Even a small obstruction along the line or a small debris can prevent the washer from running. Flushing all the line to remove debris or even air bubbles is something that people report to get it going.

Pros and cons of this electric pressure washer

As we’re getting closer to a conclusion, we should round up all the pros and cons. The best parts of Ford FPWEF2.1, on one hand, and the parts that could use improvements, on the other hand:

This electric pressure washer is:

  • Easy to assemble;
  • Comfortable to carry around and use;
  • Built with a practical design;
  • Equipped to handle all kinds of cleaning surfaces;
  • Backed up by great customer support.

What you need to bear in mind, however, is that:

  • It cannot be used with static water sources, requiring about 3 gallons/min water flow to keep its high-pressure water output;
  • This power washer can also make a bit of a noise when operating;
  • It requires changing the nozzle whenever you want to use soap.

Ford FPWEF2.1 warranty terms

When purchasing a Ford FPWEF2.1, a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects will also be supplied. Whenever in trouble, contacting their customer support and asking for guidance is something that should solve most of the problem. With the great customer support that this product has in place, troubleshooting malfunctions or applying for warranty will be easy.


Things didn’t look very good at the beginning of this Ford FPWEF2.1 review. The made-in-China label isn’t quite encouraging, yet somehow, along the way, it stopped making a difference. The engine and all the features are more than decent, the price is average, the reviews are mostly positive. And so is the feedback regarding their customer support. If you’re still wondering whether you should buy a Ford FPWEF2.1 electric pressure washer or not, go ahead and buy it.

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