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AR Blue Clean AR390SS

About AR Blue Clean AR390SS

With the AR390SS, a new dawn of the world of cleaning has come. Bid goodbye to the long durations of time spent doing tedious cleaning chores. All this has been made possible with the AR Blue Clean AR390SS.Dealing with those stubborn grease, dirt and grimy stains is now a thing of the past. With the first establishment having been done around 50 years ago, Annovi Reverberi has over time established themselves as a force to reckon with in the pressure washing industry. This AR390SS is somehow more powerful and heavy at the same time with a weight of 41.3 pounds. From the updates and upgrades that were done to the popular AR BLUE CLEAN AR390 arose the AR BLUE CLEAN AR390SS. This electric pressure washer has really made cleaning easy as well as trouble free. With the Turbo Nozzle, the pressure can be increased by around 50%. This electric pressure washer distinguishes itself from other mediocre washers by its combination of great power, durability as well as functionality. This electric washer ensures that all projects, despite the intensity of the pressure needed, shall be completed effectively and on time.

Review Score
  • 70%
    Pressure (PSI) - 70%
  • 70%
    Flow Rate (GPM) - 70%
  • 75%
    Power - 75%
  • 85%
    Brand - 85%
  • 88%
    Customers Reviews - 88%


Being easy to handle, the AR Blue Clean AR390SS is one of the pressure washer which do their job well, they don’t require too much hassle and they are affordable.

User Review
8/10 (1 vote)

Motor and power rating of AR BLUE CLEAN AR390SS

This AR Blue Clean AR390SS pressure washer draws its juice from a 120V, 14-ampere universal 60Hz electric motor to give an incredible power. The power rating of this motor is approximately 1.6 HP. Coupled to the Triplex 3 Axial piston pump; it delivers all the power that you require. The motor almost produces no noise which makes it convenient to use for both indoor and outdoor duties. Transportation is practically effortless as it has well-designed handles and wheels.

For such a small compact machine, the power given is incredibly high. It delivers water at a maximum pressure of 2000 pounds per square inch (PSI) and a maximum volume of 1.4 gallons per minute(GPM). It has a fuel flow rate of 0.025gallons per second. This is almost 30 times more pressure while compared to a typical garden hose. This reduces the consumption of water by above 80%. For an effective high-pressure cleaning, one may attach a variable spray lance and switch the spray pattern from a wide fan to a concentrated high-pressure spray jet by simply rotating the nozzle. For tougher jobs, use the Rotary/Turbo lance, which effectively increases the cleaning power by up to 50% through the production of a pulsating rotating high-pressure spray. This pressure is sufficient for all your household cleaning jobs. However, because it is electrically run, its power is slightly lower as compared to the gasoline operated pressure washers and hence not recommended for industrial or commercial cleaning purposes.

Essential features of AR BLUE CLEAN AR390SS

Here are some of the incredible features attributed to this pressure washer:

  • The dimensions of this pressure washer are 37.8in wide, 15.2in high and 16.4in deep.
  • It has a 30-inch high-pressure hose.
  • It comes with a bumper to bumper 1-year warranty.
  • It has the best customer care services.
  • Onboard storage necessary for quick setup as well as accessory storage.
  • It has pressurized hose reel that is functional.
  • A power cord measuring 35ft having an Auto-reset GFCI module.
  • It has a power cord swivel release that is user-friendly.
  • The presence of the Total Stop System (TSS) that automatically powers off the power washer when the trigger is un-engaged to make the pump last longer.
  • It has an integrated 48 oz. detergent tank for efficient application of detergents.
  • The AR Blue Clean AR390SS has a pro-style spray gun having a zinc steel lance with a quick coupler nozzle fitting.
  • It has a universal motor delivering 1.6HP as well as a tri-axial pump that delivers 2000pounds per square inch(PSI) and 1.4gallons per minute(GPM).


Ease of use and noise

This AR Blue Clean AR390SS electric pressure washer is very easy to be used. The operation of this machine is very straightforward and can be done by almost everyone be it a new user or an experienced user. The presence of an inbuilt storage for almost everything makes it very convenient. As expected of devices of this size, the AR Blue Clean AR390SS washer weighs around 41 pounds. Despite this weight though the presence of the handles that are perfectly designed and the well-designed wheels makes its maneuverability to be very excellent. The hose also measures around 30 feet and above making sure that most consumer applications are catered for when mobility is concerned. The presence of the 3 nozzles that are easy to reach as well to screw and unscrew also makes this washer to be very easy to use.

The unit is much quieter as compared to a standard gasoline powered pressure washer. This appliance is suited to be used for medium to heavy-duty cleaning projects in a residential setup. It gives very superior results. Reviewers are amazed by the almost noiselessness attribute of this washer and some termed it as an “ear-friendly washer”.

What others think

In general, the reviews about this washer are positive. Vey many reviewers are pleased with this machine and prefer it to other types of washers. Users actually love this machine so much for its many positive features. This washer has been reviewed less than 25 times on Amazon but has managed to get an average score of 4.4 stars out of the possible 5 stars. Up to now nobody has complained about the durability of the washer or missing parts of the washer. Some people have raised complaints concerning issues related to the hose of the AR Blue Clean AR390SS washer.

Pros and cons of AR BLUE CLEAN AR390SS

Here are among the positive things that you will love about this pressure washer.


  • The presence of the properly designed wheels and handle make the washer to be moved from one place to another with a lot of ease.
  • It has three nozzles that are easily reachable and easy to screw and unscrew which include the turbo nozzle, pencil nozzle, and the fan nozzle.
  • The detergent tank is in-built into the device hence no addition of weight to the lance.
  • The pressure washer is durable.
  • Operating this pressure washer is very easy. The usage of this pressure washer is not complicated in any way. By going through the manual given, a new user can comfortably operate this washer.
  • It has incredible power capabilities yet quieter than other gasoline washers.
  • It is designed for arduous and frequent usage.


  • The hose is very stiff hence reeling it in and out is very challenging.
  • The hose has a tendency of recoiling on its own resulting in at least a single kink whenever it is used.
  • Pulling the hose towards you with the least force makes the entire appliance to topple over.


In essence, the AR Blue Clean AR390SS is an awesome machine that is known for its exemplary performance. The uniqueness of this electric pressure washer is unquestionable. With its well-designed body, it can withstand constant and uncompromising tasks. It does better cleaning especially when dealing with oily and greasy surfaces. This pressure washer is a good solid appliance that is quite durable and will get the job done. If you want the value for your money, then this is the pressure washer to go for. The availability of the one year ‘bumper-to-bumper’ warranty ensures that should any problem arise then it shall be addressed for you. This electric pressure washer will carry out almost every task that you might have in mind be it residential projects like cleaning of trucks, driveways, fences, patio furniture or even commercial tasks such as preparation of paint or the cleaning of sidewalks. All in all, the new AR Blue Clean AR390SS is an incredible machine combining durability and functionality. Please make the right choice and give this pressure washer a try.

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