AR Blue Clean AR112 review

AR Blue Clean AR112 pressure washer
AR112 is an electric pressure washer carrying the label of Annovi Reverberi, an Italian high-pressure pump manufacturer. For the past 58 years, AR –as people often call it– has gained a coveted reputation in piston-plunger pumps’ field. Despite their focus on industrial washing and diaphragm pumps for agriculture, Blue Clean is their highly-praised pressure washers’ consumer line.

AR Blue Clean AR112 is said to deliver 45% more pressure with the added benefit of 80% less water. At least that’s how the manufacturer presents this product in comparison with the typical garden hose. Naturally, we wanted to know more about this particular pressure washer and here’s what we found out so far.

Review Score
  • 62%
    Pressure (PSI) - 62%
  • 72%
    Flow Rate (GPM) - 72%
  • 75%
    Power - 75%
  • 85%
    Brand - 85%
  • 80%
    Customers Reviews - 80%


Good pressure washer with reasonable power, ready to clean almost anything and good customer support

AR Blue Clean AR112 engine

The product is fairly inexpensive and many would fear that it might underdeliver just because of that. On a first glance, we can notice a universal engine at 12 Amp and 1.3 HP. If you’re not a very technical person, these numbers probably don’t tell you much.

Shortly put, thanks to this engine and its tri-axial pump, AR Blue Clean AR112 outputs 1.600 PSI and 1.58 GPM. These two values are representative for the engine power of an electric pressure washer. As you may know, multiplying the pounds per square inch with the gallons per minute will generate the cleaning units. In this case, we’re talking about 2.528 CU – below the average, yet not necessarily the lowest you could get.

Other features of AR Blue Clean AR112

Since the engine alone won’t satisfy our readers when other technical features are neglected, here’s what else is “under-the-hood”. First, AR Blue Clean AR112 is famous for a completely different pump than what you get with most pressure washers. It’s called a three axial-piston wobble-plate pump. Wobble-plate pumps are known to work well with units that operate with low-flow rates, under 2500 PSI. On the plus side, it runs dry and produces high pressures, mostly due to the absence of seals moving back-and-forth. On the downside, its moving parts make it complex, not necessarily very economic when it comes to repairing it.

Moreover, the unit carries an automatic safety valve that shuts off the pump head based on the detected pressure. The Total Stop System, or TSS, will automatically shut the power off as long as the trigger is not engaged. Aside from the enhanced safe use, this has the extra benefit of prolonging the pump’s life.

Other notable features of AR Blue Clean AR112 include but are not limited to:

  • Variable spray nozzle lance with a variety of cleaning applications, for all kinds of surfaces;
  • Detergent injector kit;
  • Auto-reset GFCI module on the power cord;
  • Preventive lock for spray accidental turn on.

Electric pressure washer design

AR Blue Clean AR112 weighs only 18.2 pounds and measures 18x10x7.5 inches. The compact design is meant to facilitate easy maneuvering for everyone, man or woman, no matter their age. Tech-savvy persons can put it together in less than 10 minutes. Others won’t need more than half an hour to get it going either, since they’d only have to attach:

  1. Two hose fittings;
  2. The spray nozzle (through a quick-connect system);
  3. The cord wrap brackets (which are optional).

The electric pressure washer has tempered stainless steel plungers, a 20-feet high-pressure hose and a 30-feet power cord. The cord hook, for easily storing the power cord, and the integrated handle, supporting compact storage, ensure enhanced mobility. Last but not least, the 14-oz detergent bottle should help you easily apply the detergent.

Ease of use and noise

Easy and compact usually makes for an easy to use unit. The quick-connects and the adjustable spray and turbo lances serve the same purpose. Whether you want to put the pieces together or to pack it and store it somewhere, it should be simple.

Noise level, though it isn’t necessarily lower than the one of a vacuum cleaner, is still acceptable. Our readers often refer to it as not requiring any kind of ear protection.

AR Blue Clean AR112 customer reviews

The AR Blue Clean AR112 opinions are generally positive. Most of them would describe it as a great choice, with only a few minor complaints. A small percentage, however, blatantly complain that the washer worked too little and got broken too soon.

Customer reviews refer to the fact that while it’s not a heavy-duty machine, it can work great on small surfaces. Precisely because the spray area is limited, using it with the highest pressure should be done with caution. The hose length easily covers medium-sized patios, though some readers said it’s not too practical for tackling an entire deck.

Short sidewalks and small patios, even patio furniture, can be successfully cleaned with its help. From removing dirt and flaky paint to gently cleaning windows, the outcome depends on the selected nozzles and pressure. Nevertheless, some reviews clearly advise on selecting custom cleaning solutions depending on the surface you’re planning to clean. Otherwise, they say that the effect of plain water, detergent and its pressure may not be enough.

Of course, it still matters on what kind of dirt you’re tackling. But because we’ve mentioned the detergent, some of our readers stated that they stopped using the detergent kit. Not very easy to use, they say, therefore it is more convenient to add detergent separately.

The bottom line of reviews is that this electric pressure washer is for light-duty and it should be used as such. Those who said that it stopped working too soon, often overlook describing their customer support experience. Many of the positive reviews, however, clearly underline what a great customer support the Annovi Reverberi company provides.

Pros and cons of this electric pressure washer

To wrap up everything that AR Blue Clean AR112 offers, let’s revise the pros and cons of this product. The great features refer to the following aspects:

  • It comes with variable spray nozzle lance and nozzle patterns (from needle to fan spray), which supports different cleaning applications;
  • AR Blue Clean AR112 is generally safe to use with a wide range of surfaces, on most residential tasks;
  • It has an easy and quick assembly through the adjustable spray/turbo lances and quick-connects;
  • AR112 is small and light, therefore, easy to use;
  • It generates a reasonable noise level;
  • The washer comes with a tempting price tag;
  • It provides full warranty and highly-appreciated customer support.

The not-so-great features of AR Blue Clean AR112, however, revolve around the following aspects:

  • AR112 comes with quite a lot of plastic pieces that might easily deteriorate in time;
  • It doesn’t have labels for intake and outflow, which can mislead you at least in the beginning;
  • This washer may require using special cleaning solutions to get the best results, depending on how dirty the surface is;
  • Some of its built-in features aren’t necessarily scoring the expected results.

AR Blue Clean AR112 warranty terms

The manufacturer says all products – AR Blue Clean AR112 included – sold within U.S.A. will be serviced in Fridley, Minnesota. The unit benefits from a 1-year “bumper-to-bumper” warranty. This means that this electric pressure washer includes every single component under its policy. From the spray gun and the high-pressure hose to all accessories and replacement parts, it’s all covered.

As expected, this warranty is neither assignable nor transferable. Also, it only concerns consumer use, not commercial or rental use. As long as you follow the user manual’s operation and maintenance instructions, the warranty will remain in place.

When required, one would have to provide a copy of the sales receipt, as proof of purchase. When returning an AR Blue Clean AR112 for warranty consideration, an RMA number (Returned Merchandise Authorization) will be required. Without this RMA, the manufacturer will consider the return unauthorized and ship it back to the sender.


AR Blue Clean AR112 is a small electric pressure washer designed for regular house cleaning chords. For its price, the benefits are fair and those who usually complain about it might have had higher expectations than necessary. The conclusion would be that this is a decent option. But the question is if this is the right option for your particular needs. If you’re not planning to use it daily and you don’t have large surfaces to cover, it could be. If you need daily, high-power pressure washing, you might have to spend more for a more powerful unit.

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